How To Grow Your Hair

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The myth that black women cannot grow long hair came from the days of slavery in America.   African Americans were taught they were inferior and could not enjoy the benefits in life and one of those main benefits was a black woman being able to have long hair like white women.   Therefore, black women began to believe that myth.  That ancient myth was very evil and black women began to believe what they were taught and passing that myth down throughout many generations of their bloodline.  They never even recognized God is the One who grows long hair.  The ability to grow long hair is spiritual, along with eating proper foods and properly maintaining your hair.   Black women were taught they were inferior and less beautiful until the civil rights movement, during the days of the late Dr. Martin Luther King and even Huey P. Newton.  Even before the civil rights movement when black women became free, they began to follow great inspiring black women, one of them mainly was Madam C. J. Walker who was the first woman to become a self-made millionaire selling hair products, but it was not only her ability to sell her invention, it was also her knowledge that inspired many black women to maintain and grown their own healthy hair.    That ancient myth soon diminished the more black women became began to be encouraged to grow long hair.   Black women could always grow long hair, but they were surrounded by people who told them it was impossible and many of those people were their own race whom oppressed each other.  

Throughout the life of Madam C. J. Walker and especially during the era of the civil rights movement, black women began to love themselves, encouraged each other to do the same.   It was an era when black unity was very important, even throughout the 1970's.  If you recall those early days when your mother would grease your scalp and brush your hair until the 1980's when black women and black men became more Americanized.   Mothers knew when to use the hot comb, but also when to give the hair rest from the heat and often times little girls would be seen with parted hair with pigtails,  braided or twisted as their hair touched their shoulders.   During the 1980's, most hairdressers would not deal with maintaining natural hair or encouraging their clients to grow it, naturally. Hairdressers began to chop off the black woman's full head of hair and started believing in the new way they were taught in beauty school, to process the hair, sometimes for as long as 30 to 45 minutes.   Most black women began getting perms on a regular basis, including teenagers who were used to having long hair during the 1970's, it was all gone.   Beauticians began chopping off natural hair, which was called dead.  Black women  began to be ashamed of wearing the natural look and the black men would be ashamed to date them, so they would process their hair, even though they realized it was  unhealthy to do so, if their hair was damaged.  So, black women struggled to keep their hair straight while their hair remained short and would not grow.   Many black women were trying to keep from being embarrassed of having kinky hair while unable to grow their hair.   Gone were the days of the civil rights movement, black women just wanted to make sure they would look American to fit in with diversity without even realizing that their God-given hair was beautiful, although many black people thought it was very ugly and not American.  

How To Grow Long Hair

Love your hair and be grateful for it.  You must change your way of thinking.   Often times, we hear African American women who are born of bi-racial descent broadcasting they have the the worst side, insinuating bad hair, which is very disrespectful to the parent who is black.  The majority of black women even judge each others beauty by the texture of hair, if a black woman's hair is straight, they are quick to want to befriend her, but if a black woman wears her natural kinky hair, she shuns those particular black women, without even realize that is the same ancient prejudice white supremacists have had against the entire race. Throughout the years, black women have emotionally murdered self and each other.  If you change your way of thinking and learn to love your hair just how it is, your mentality will help you grow long hair in the future and encourage others, also.   Realize just how God can grow long hair of any other race, he has the ability to also do it for black women, but the problem has been the slave mentality among black women, they refuse to let go of that sick mentality passed down from their fore-parents from the days of slavery.   Therefore, you must began thanking God on a daily basis for your hair and repent for hating it.   Did you know the Bible says when you hate, you have murder in your heart (I John 3:15?   So, many black women have killed their hair without even realizing it.   Therefore, black men have done the same thing, when they turn their heads from a woman wearing her natural beautiful hair.   Do not hate your natural hair (or anyone else), love your hair and give thanks to God for it and its' texture.   Get rid of the shame and never be ashamed of your natural hair ever again.

When you refuse to listen to those who judge your beauty by the texture of your hair, it is very easy to grow your own hair.   For a good lengthy amount of time it is good to keep your hair natural to give it a rest from relaxers and heat, between 8 months to a year is good for many women, sometimes even longer.  You should give it a rest based on how damaged your hair maybe.   We often like to say, "be very good to your God-given hair"

Some hair professionals say it is not good to wash your hair a lot, but we say wash it, often.  Just like plants like to be watered, your roots and strands of hair love water just as much, every other day will do just fine. Wash your hair and by doing so, you will also get rid of  debris on a daily basis.  Whenever you wash your hair, you are cleansing the pores from build-up that may block any future growth.

Oils are much different from grease and if you use a hair ointment make sure, it is only very light on your scalp, so your pores can breath.   We still have black women who believe you do not put any kind of ointment on your hair, you can do so without remembering that their mother using it back in the early days did nothing but good for the hair, except do not overly or excessively use it.  Again, you hair needs to breath and this is why we will present our hair growth oil, which is very light on your hair, only applied with a few light drops to the scalp.

You can process your hair, but only every 3 months, about 4 times a year.  Too much perm is not good for your hair and only perm your hair when it is in good condition, meaning your hair is not damaged.

Keep heat out of your hair and if you want curls learn to roll your hair with rollers to keep in overnight.  Do not use sponge rollers, the sponge breaks off your strands and is not good for your hair, use the plastic ones with the clip.

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