Sunday, February 22, 2015

ISIS Claims to have Beheaded 21 Kurds: Should President Barack Obama be Impeached If He does Not Send Troops To Combat?

We've got to ask you sisters this question. Is it time to impeach Obama? It seems that ISIS has killed 21 more people.   They revealed a video, announcing they beheaded soldiers in in Iraq.   We are furious and no longer want to support President Obama if he continues not to do anything about what's going on with this Islamic group.  It makes no difference if he's black, if his heart is not right and he does not do anything to save Christians and others from this radical group, then he no longer should be president.   According to, in a new propaganda video, the terror group claims to have beheaded at least 21 captured Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers in Iraq. CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of this video. Should we fight to have President Barack Obama impeached after the fact that this maybe true and he may send troops to combat ISIS with Egypt?  You see, if he does nothing, then they may try and come over here.

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