Sunday, December 21, 2014

White girlfriend, 31, of 'lynched' 17-year-old Lennon Lacy says she believes their relationship led to his murder - and reveals she was warned not to date a black man

Forget the race, what about the age?  Now it may have been wrong for the white supremacists to allegedly kill this teenager, but the truth is, this grown woman had no business being in a relationship with a teen boy.  According to, the she became involved with the teen after she moved to the small town following the breakdown of her marriage earlier this year. Why was this boy fooling around with this grown woman in the first place?  Where was this boy's parents when their relationship was going on?  You see, if we would go back to morals and values in this country, there would not be so much trouble.  We don't care if this was a white boy, she had no business in a relationship with him.   All we can say is, it's very sad.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Titi Branch, Pioneer in the Natural Hair Community and Co-Founder of Miss Jessie, Commits Suicide at 45 | Souls of Black Women

ms jessie co founder tiki branch dead at 45

This is so sad, we recall seeing this familiar face. Titi Branch who was a pioneer of natural hair committed suicide at the young age of 45. This goes to show you, you can become very successful in life, but if you are not happy, success cannot satisfy what you are missing. Now we do not know why

Titi Branch, Pioneer in the Natural Hair Community and Co-Founder of Miss Jessie, Commits Suicide at 45 | Souls of Black Women...Read more at, 2nd Edition.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Allegedly, Bill De Blasio Admits His Son Needs To Be Careful Around Cops

Well this is the first, we are hearing a white person married to a black person speak out about racism.  Mayor Bill De Blasio allegedly says he and his wife have spoke with their son about being careful around cops, because it's different for a white child.  We must say, it's about time, we hear a parent of a what some would call, 'bi-racial' child teach him who he actually is.  In our opinion, we have heard enough of many of them deny their blackness, but so sorry it's taking racism in America to wake a lot of people up.  Not saying that De Blasio didn't already teach his child, we are just surprised to read about it.  It sort of reminds us of Hollywood actress, Halle Berry suddenly coming out with a part II of, 'Good Hair', after her children's father straightened and dyed their hair, which was a recent court case, allegedly.

According to, De Blasio explained after the non-indictment of Eric Garner that he and his wife "had to literally train" their son Dante how to handle encounters with police -- an experience shared by the parents of other African-American children around the country. The head of the city's police union said de Blasio's statement "threw cops under the bus."

We will give you further updates on De Blasio and his son when we receive it. God bless.

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Relatives Say Goodbye to farewell to Akai Gurley, man fatally shot by NYPD rookie

Okay, we had to fight off tears on this one.  Many of you black women know what it like to grow up without your father.  A little girl says goodbye to her father who was shot by a rookie cop in a NY public housing complex.  This is so sad to see and all we can say is, 'here is another young black girl who is going to grow up in America without a father to help her mother raise her.' It can be very difficult to discover your identity as a black woman without a father figure.  Many times, our race often focuses on black men without a father, but believe us, it is very hard for black women too.  

One of the main reasons why many of us black women search for love in the wrong places is simply, because a lot of us never had fathers to raise us.  

After all of these black men getting killed by police officers, what is it going to take to get our black race to unite, love and respect each other?  What is it going to take for black men and black women to seek God and totally submit to His will and His way?  What is it going to take for our race to stop hating being black?  Because this is a cycle that has never came to an end. It's a shame, it seems like all the average black person cares about it being accepted by whites and other races while our race is yet dying.

In the meantime, our prayers go out to Akai Gurley's family and little girl.  God bless them all.

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Message to Dangerous Black Men; Chicago Man Reportedly Attacks Woman Who Refused to Give Him Her Phone Number

Now, before Souls of Black Women speak to the souls of our brothers, we are not talking to all of you.  For we realize not all black men are bad, just like not all of us black women are bad.  However, we must ask you dangerous black men who are constantly breaking the law this one question; how can we stand behind you whenever you face racial discrimination, if you are being evil? This guy in Chicago, Denzel Rosson, allegedly attacked a woman just because she would not give him her phone number.  Are some of you that insecure, you would do such a thing?   

According to, Denzel Rosson "got the woman in a headlock, punched her in the face, and tried to steal her phone and purse before he ran away."

Some of you black men are not doing right, but a lot of cops are yet killing you.  How are we supposed to get mad whenever the cops kills you who are unarmed, if you are either attacking us black women (we don't know what race this woman was this guy attacked) or just out committing crimes left and right?  It brings too much stress and pressure on us black women and we don't have the strength to continue to cry out for you whenever the cops kills one of you.

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Apricot Castor Oil May Grow a Black Woman's Hair Back!!

Although, this Apricot Castor Oil looks like something you could drink, it's really for your thirsty roots.  We are hearing a lot about this new product and it is supposed to be very good for your hair.  Now, black women, you may enjoy wearing your beautiful wigs and weaves, but you are going to have to take care of your hair underneath.  Furthermore, please realize you must give your roots some air, sometimes.  Apricot Castor Oil is one of the best solutions for regrowing your hair and so it will no longer be dry.   Just take a look at these four following videos and you decide if you are going to give it a shot or not. 

Remember, be strong black woman, but never forget to take care of your God-given hair.  Just because it has been damaged or you have suffered hair...Read full article, here.

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Who Says Black Women Cannot Grow Long Hair???

Just when are a lot of you black women going to stop believing the lie that we cannot grow long hair? Just look at this black woman care for her very long hair.   We see some different races of women flaunting and showing off their long stringy hair in front of us as though God doesn't love us and He cannot bless us.  However, the truth must be told, God does love us black women just the same. This black woman on this following video is about to show you how she cares for her very long hair.   It's her hair own too.   

Now, if you recall at Real Long Hair blog, our journalists over there informed you to stop wearing wigs and weaves.  Now, we yet say that about weaves, but under wigs, as long as you take care of your own hair, it can still grow very long. Take them off, sometimes.  However, you must do the necessary practices, such as washing and conditioning your own hair...Read full article, here.

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New Treatment May Regrow and Thicken Hair Without Surgery

A lot of you black women who have lost a lot of hair around your hair line, we want to encourage you not to give up.  There is a new treatment for thinning hair.  If you have been previously following this blog...Read full article, here.

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Central Park Five seek an additional $52 million after reaching $41 million settlement for wrongful imprisonment in 1989 rape of jogger

We can't say we blame the Central Park Five for seeking an additional $52 million.  It must be very difficult spending time in prison for something you didn't do.   These 5 black men have won victory in a time when many black men are being shot to death by police.  

According to, the individual claims of these black men were reactivated after the deal with the city was approved in Manhattan Federal Court in September.

As strong black women in Christ, our prayers are certainly with these black men and we pray they are very safe with the $41 million they've already been rewarded.  God bless.

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