Sunday, December 7, 2014

Message to Dangerous Black Men; Chicago Man Reportedly Attacks Woman Who Refused to Give Him Her Phone Number

Now, before Souls of Black Women speak to the souls of our brothers, we are not talking to all of you.  For we realize not all black men are bad, just like not all of us black women are bad.  However, we must ask you dangerous black men who are constantly breaking the law this one question; how can we stand behind you whenever you face racial discrimination, if you are being evil? This guy in Chicago, Denzel Rosson, allegedly attacked a woman just because she would not give him her phone number.  Are some of you that insecure, you would do such a thing?   

According to, Denzel Rosson "got the woman in a headlock, punched her in the face, and tried to steal her phone and purse before he ran away."

Some of you black men are not doing right, but a lot of cops are yet killing you.  How are we supposed to get mad whenever the cops kills you who are unarmed, if you are either attacking us black women (we don't know what race this woman was this guy attacked) or just out committing crimes left and right?  It brings too much stress and pressure on us black women and we don't have the strength to continue to cry out for you whenever the cops kills one of you.

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