Sunday, December 7, 2014

Allegedly, Bill De Blasio Admits His Son Needs To Be Careful Around Cops

Well this is the first, we are hearing a white person married to a black person speak out about racism.  Mayor Bill De Blasio allegedly says he and his wife have spoke with their son about being careful around cops, because it's different for a white child.  We must say, it's about time, we hear a parent of a what some would call, 'bi-racial' child teach him who he actually is.  In our opinion, we have heard enough of many of them deny their blackness, but so sorry it's taking racism in America to wake a lot of people up.  Not saying that De Blasio didn't already teach his child, we are just surprised to read about it.  It sort of reminds us of Hollywood actress, Halle Berry suddenly coming out with a part II of, 'Good Hair', after her children's father straightened and dyed their hair, which was a recent court case, allegedly.

According to, De Blasio explained after the non-indictment of Eric Garner that he and his wife "had to literally train" their son Dante how to handle encounters with police -- an experience shared by the parents of other African-American children around the country. The head of the city's police union said de Blasio's statement "threw cops under the bus."

We will give you further updates on De Blasio and his son when we receive it. God bless.

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