Monday, November 3, 2014

Black Women: Why It Is a Sin to Be a Down Low (Lesbian) Woman

down low women

A lot of black women have been confiding with us about their deliverance from lesbianism, but one of the things they say is, the pain of coming out of it is discovering their ex-lovers hiding their relationships. Some of these women say they were hurt by these women, because they hid behind the fact after they helped them raise their children. They also didn't want people to recognize them in public as a couple. They never would hold hands, kiss or hug. Sisters,we truly believe God wants you to be hot or cold, rather than lukewarm as it says in the scripture: Revelations 3:15, 16. Therefore, those of you black women who go on in life as though you never identified with homosexuality, that is a sin. You are living a lie. If you come out of it, testify about it and do not act as though you are better than your ex-lovers, because they never had children or they were more out than you. Furthermore, those of you who are in same sex relationships and you are on the down low as of right now, God don't like liars. You are not only offending your lover, but...Read full article, here.

Source:, 2nd Edition


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