Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Black Texas Teacher Will Lose Her Job After Racist Twitter Rant Tells “Dumb Crackers To Kill Themselves”

This black woman who went on a Twitter rant against whites, tell them to commit suicide and now she has lost her job.  Our question is this, why after so many of our own people have betrayed us and turned against us must we lose our jobs for them?  Yes, racism yet exist, but we don't think standing up for all black people is worth it.   Even many black women hate us, after we plead with them for love and peace.  While we live on earth sisters, we've got to speak up against racism, but not go on a rant and lose our paychecks.  It's not worth it.

According to Rawstory from Bossip,Vinita Hegwood has admitted she made the post on the social media site during an online debate over the police shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri.  Even after Ferguson, beloved black sisters, we've still got issues of prejudice within our own race, dark skinned blacks don't like dark skin while lightening their complexion, light skinned black people don't like dark skin and dark skin blacks don't like light skin and in between choosing to be light while we are yet dividing and losing our race.  Black women who are dark skinned alone resent other dark skinned women and aimed to destroy them through cruel words and betrayal.   Then, we have a lot of black people killing each other, even in relationships with weapons and evil words.  The ignorance never ceases and making such statements to tell whites to commit suicide will do nothing but make us look like weak folks who don't even have sense enough to love and respect themselves and each other.

In conclusion, we are so divided as a people, there are too many too spiritually blind to see in the 21st century, many black people who chose to kill each other over the years since our release from slavery, is the cause of  cases like Ferguson.  So, tell us, how many jobs can black people give to their own race in the 21st century after speaking out in a militant fashion?  How many black people will take responsibility for killing their own kind and apologize to each other for the lack of love and respect?  How many will repent to God for hating themselves as black people?

Source and Photo: Bossip.com


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