Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Lady Serita Jakes, We Don't know if white women are looking in the same mirror as black women

Here this good sermon first.  Although we agree with most of what First Lady Serita Jakes said, many of us black women don't see we are the same as other races of women.  We only see God made and loves us, even more than our own kind.

In today's church, we feel too many of us black women have been forgotten about.   We heard a sermon by First Lady Serita Jakes that all women are the same.  However, as black women, we yet hear comments from white women about our color and some of them even brag about their white skin, in the 21st century.   Meanwhile many black men choose them and other races over us and at the same time many white men may sleep with us, but put us down for our dark skin.  It hurts so bad, all we can do is pray, because it seems like the diversity in mega ministries have enforced too many preachers to claim that we are all the same while many black women are yet facing racism from other races of women, white men and even black men. 

Some white men who don't mind sleeping with us will impregnate us behind closed doors, but after they're finished, they act as though they never touched us.  Some of us are molested by men in our families while they flaunt their European wives in front of us as though we are peasants.   First Lady Jakes, it hurts us black women to the core.   If you'll only take time to listen to the voices of black women who don't even bother to go to church, because we feel we have been forgotten about by the multi-cultural mega-churches with pastors and first ladies of our own kind of this era.   The dark world of Hollywood that many black churches yearn to be a part of, reveal men like Eddie Murphy and Kanye West who many black men model their lives after while flaunting their European descent women in our faces.   Bishop McClendon is a good example of that with his Hispanic 2nd wife while getting support from the majority of black folks in his congregation.  Many black women are enduring the same pain trying to date a white man who flaunts their white women and other races in our faces, but behind closed doors they don't mind sleeping with us.   These white men who sleep with us behind closed doors tell us that there is no difference in color, but resent touch our natural hair which is wool like Jesus Christ.  Do you care First Lady Jakes?  Do you care that many of us black women are left with our bi-racial babies to raise after that white man leaves us for his white woman?  If we are all the same, why is the white man who promises that there is no difference between him and me ashamed to bring me around his family, in the 21st century?

Now you tell us journalists of Souls of Black Women we are looking at of the same mirror as white, Asian and Hispanic women?   Do you care first lady or is the money from all races at your conferences more important the pain of a black woman?    Do you care first lady that some of us black women are raped by our brothers, not just fathers who preach in the pulpit and our mothers won't listen us and take our confessions to their graves?  After they're gone, we're left to deal with those blood siblings who in some cases became our father figures?

Oh yes, we understand your example of being a coal miners daughter just like the white girls back in the day, but yet still in the 21st century, many of us black women are persecuted by whites and our own kind as though we are trash.  Please don't get it twisted First Lady Jakes, not all of us black women want to hear a white woman like Paula White preach to us, for she tries so very hard to act black while not understanding what it's like to be a hurting black woman. We could go on and on...possibly stay tuned for a part 2, First Lady Jakes.


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