Friday, March 21, 2014

How Black Women Can Be Saved and Delivered from Lesbianism

Many of you black women who are proud lesbians may disagree, but there are many others who want to be set free from the spirit of lesbianism.  Are you an unhappy lesbian?  Do you want Jesus Christ to set you free?  If so, then you can't miss this articles about how Jesus can set you totally free from homosexuality.   Some of you may still be in a lesbian relationship and you don't know how to escape.  Possibly, your lover or partner pays all or most of the bills, because you don't know how to hold onto a job or even apply for one, because your mother did not teach you how to do so.  Well, would like to help you, because Jesus came to set the captives free.  Note: If you are a lesbians and you are happy, then please don't read this article, it's not for you.

Many of you who have been lesbians for years and are very miserable, please take heed to these article.  Beloved sisters, Jesus Christ has rules and regulations according to the biblical scriptures at the end of this post and homosexuality is not allowed as a saved woman or man, girl or boy.  You've got to be delivered and set free, if you want to see Jesus, face to face.

Here it is, cry to God and ask Him to save you.   Let him cleanse you as you cry out, 'yes Lord!'   It's not hard and it is never a struggle.  Once you repent, Jesus Christ will certainly set you free.  Get on your knees right now and repent.  However, first, you have got to admit it is wrong to be a lesbian.  You may not get delivered overnight, but deliverance will come.  You must allow God to transform you.   

Now, many of you black women may be very jealous of the small percentage of black ladies who are not lesbians and dedicated to their saved man.  Stop being envious and ask God to prepare you for a saved man.   You must stop wanting to have sex with a woman.   It does not matter if you are still with a woman, you can still let her know, you need quiet time to talk to your God.   Then, ask God to give you strength to admit you have been unhappy, especially if you have never been married and helped her raised her child or children.   This is what makes life very hard on many lesbians, they just suppress and never admit it.

Start focusing on Jesus Christ. Read your Bible daily and pray in your quiet time.  Many of you may work long hours, ask God to give you the strength to reserve time to pray.  You must pray for deliverance and accept you've got it.  Don't give up just because you maybe depending on your lesbian lover to survive.  Ask God to give you the knowledge, how to care for yourself, in Jesus name. Amen.  Now, start praising Him for delivering you from being a lesbian. Thank you, Jesus!!!

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