Sunday, March 31, 2013

Black Women, 4-year-old girl fatally shot from inside a car parked outside her grandparents' home

Sisters, it's very sad that this little girl was shot to death, allegedly by her sibling.   One of the things that bothers us, is that some parents whom have guns leave them around their children as though there would never be a fatal tragedy as a result.  However, four-year-old Rahquel Carr's death should wake up a lot of gun owners whom do not watch their children around their weapons. 

The gun went off, hitting Rahquel in the head and chest and she had to be airlifted to the hospital.   Black women, let us forewarn you to never have anything to do with guns, if you love yourself, including your children.  You never know when your story will be the next tragedy seen on TV news.   

This poor little girl, Rahquel Carr had her life ahead of her.   Once police find out what really happen, there is nothing that could do to bring her back.   We feel very bad for the parents, but really there is no excuse ever for leaving a gun or any other type of weapon in the presence of little kids or even teens.

May Rahquel Carr rest in peace. 

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4-year-old girl fatally shot from inside a car parked outside her grandparents' home

A 4-year-old girl was fatally shot while sitting in a car parked in the driveway of a home and investigators believe the shot was fired from inside the vehicle.

Police don’t yet know who pulled the trigger, but they believe the death was accidental.

The shooting occurred as victim Rahquel Carr sat in a...Read full article, here.

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Black Women, Ex-Atlanta superintendent among 35 indicted in CRCT scandal Read more: Neighbor Newspapers - Ex Atlanta superintendent among 35 indicted in CRCT scandal

This is very sad to hear this ex-superintendent, Beverly Hall was among 35 indicted in CRCT scandal.  She along with 34 others were allegedly accused of charges of false statements and writings, false swearing, theft by taking and influencing witnesses in connection with the alleged conspiracy to alter Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT) scores.  In the meantime, we will keep her in our prayers.

Ex-Atlanta superintendent among 35 indicted in CRCT scandal

  by Staff Reports

In a news release, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office announced Friday a Fulton grand jury has returned indictments against former Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Beverly Hall and 34 district employees in connection with a test cheating scandal.

Each of the defendants is charged with Georgia RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) conspiracy. The 65-count indictment also includes charges of false statements and writings...Read full article, here.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrity News: India Arie says she did not lighten her skin

The issue of African Americans lightening their skin is so old it's ridiculous.   Even if India Arie did lighten her skin, do you think she would admit it?   Do you recall all the times, the late King of Pop denied he lightened his skin, but allegedly a relative said he took shots to make himself lighter? 

As we said in our introduction, this subject of black folks lightening their skin is very old and if they have learned how to love themselves by now, then there is no need to be concerned about it.  For it is a mental sickness for anyone to hate the way God created them to be.  However, India Arie denies she did anything to change her skin tone and allegedly says it is photography. In our opinion, it's time for black people to avoid the entertainment industry, simply because for too many years, some famous black celebrities have allowed photographers and producers to make them appear light.   Therefore, it's just as bad as changing your pigment.  Why appear lighter than what you really are?    

We know God must shake his head at many African Americans whom will not either stop buying bleaching creme or taking snapshots of themselves appearing lighter than how He created them to be.  No wonder our people are yet oppress, they allegedly place themselves to be talked about, by allowing the entertainment industry create them into appearing European.    

Judgement day already came for a lot of African Americans whom never repented for changing themselves and it's still coming for those whom are yet alive, avoiding to appear dark and beautiful, just the way God created them.    

'I wouldn't endanger my health that way': India.Arie hits back at allegations of lightening her skin on cover of her latest single

By Bianca Carneiro

India.Arie is known for her lyrics praising self-acceptance and beauty.

Her song Video, which launched her to fame in 2001, talks about eschewing societal norms that require women to think they need to look...Read full article, here.
Source and Photo: Mail Online
Photo: Soulbird 

Black Women, Detroit Police Officer accused of running a crime ring

detroit police officer running crime ring3

Although Officer Clifton Whatley's two nephews have admitted to police he was the ring leader in a series of robberies, he denies he had anything to do with crime. This police officer is accused of running a crime ring that involved holding cashiers at gunpoint at various check cashing places, including a Dollar Tree store. Sisters, if we cannot trust our police officers to not be criminals themselves, then how can we depend on them to catch criminals?
You see black women, this is one of the main problems across our nation, there are too many police officers breaking the law while they catch criminals. It's sort of like the old cliche, 'the blind cannot lead the blind.' The saddest thing about Detroit, specifically is, it's not just crooked politicians whom have messed up the city, but also some of their police officers whom live double lives while appearing to be honest police officers.

detroit police officer running crime ring

According to, Officer Whatley was not just a cop...Read full article, here.

Hollywood News: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a Black Woman

It is so wonderful Baroness Monica Von Neumann is going to be seen on the reality show, 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'.   As usual, for too long black women have been denied to be a part of an all white TV cast, many times.  What's so wonderful about Baroness Neumann being a part of this all white cast is that this is not Atlanta where it is mostly an all black cast, but this is in Beverly Hills and we mean no harm by that.

Furthermore, this is going to be very wonderful to see Baroness Monica Von Neumann on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because it's not just about her being a beautiful black woman, but she seems to be a woman of integrity.   Therefore, black women we encourage you to not only watch Real Housewives of Atlanta just because the reality show reveals mostly black women, but enjoy this one too, which is more sophisticated in our opinion. 

We wish Baroness Monica Von Neumann the best and can't wait to see her interact with the other housewives of Beverly Hills. 

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Beverly Hills May Have A New “Real” Housewife

By Neil Woulfe, Radar Senior News Director

With a major shakeup looming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the show is apparently looking  to add some color to its cast – literally. has exclusively learned that producers for the hit Bravo show approached the Baroness Monica Von Neumann – a gorgeous and wealthy African-American socialite – and brought her in for a meeting in February, and as per usual in Hollywood, they put he...Read full article, here.

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Black Women, Mom arrested for slapping wrong child

Sisters, Tyshekka Collier was not only arrested for slapping the wrong child by mistake, she was also arrested for slapping her own son.   Black women, it was not wise for Collier touch anyone's child, regardless if she approached the right child.  Of course, we believe in corporal punishment, but these days, you can't use it against someone else child, not even against your own child in public.

Sisters, many times children are not trained at home, because their parents do not have time to discipline them.  However, it is not your responsibility to correct them, unless they are in your care and on school premises is the worst place to physically discipline a child, because not everyone believes in corporal punishment.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Women, Hadiya Pendleton Killers Plead Not Guilty To 141 Counts Of Murder

It's very sad that these two young black men plead not guilty for the murder of honor student, Hadiya Pendleton.  It must have been something their family told them to do, because one of them, Williams allegedly admitted that Ward shot while he was the getaway driver, so really they both should pay for taking her life.   

Sisters, it does not matter if either one of them really thought they were shooting at their gang rivals, they had no right to even shoot anyone.  There is never an excuse for gun violence.   As we've mentioned in one of our previous articles, we do not see how these two alleged killers could mistaken Pendleton and her friends as gang members, none of them looked like it as we saw at her funeral.

May Hadiya rest in peace and we pray that justice is serve.  Also, we pray for both alleged killers,  Michael Ward and Kenneth Williams to repent before it is everlasting too late. they both know they are guilty, they need to admit to it.

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Hadiya Pendleton Killers Plead Not Guilty To 141 Counts Of Murder


CHICAGO -- Two men pleaded not guilty Thursday – one to 141 counts of first-degree murder – in the shooting death of a 15-year-old Chicago girl who performed at President Barack Obama's inaugural festivities days before she died.

Both Michael Ward, 18, and Kenneth Williams, 20, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated discharge of...Read full article, here.
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Two Pregnant Black Women Fight Over Houston Boyfriend, One woman struck by car: Is he worth it black women?

We want to remind you sisters, no man is so fine, you don't care about another black woman's life.  This is an ancient issue among black women for many generations, many of our sisters have fought over men (or even women these days) and do not care who they hurt.  The love triangle between two women and one man has to stop.  If this new girlfriend of Chris Chaney was a white woman, we bet Shareyll Hunter, 26 wouldn't have rammed her against the wall with a car. 

To be honest, it seems as though many of our sisters are very scared to confront white women with their ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands, but when it comes to black women, they are so quick to violently attack them.   Of course, we would not want this to happen to anyone, but you have to wonder why black women are so quick to attack each other and just deal with other races of women being with their men.  Isn't this what has destroyed our race of women, sisters? 

Twenty-one year old Alise Kelley was visiting her boyfriend from Virginia, Chris Chaney when his ex-girlfriend, Shareyll Hunter stole his car and rammed her up against the wall.  The worst part, both women are carrying Chaney's baby.  Kelly has had both legs injured and one foot has to be amputated.   Sisters, if and when you discover you man (or woman) is with your ex-lover, be strong and mature enough to forget about them and follow Christ.   Don't allow any man to bring you down so much, you don't care about going to jail, killing someone else or even yourself, he's not worth it.

It is time for each and every last one of you sisters to realize, no man is so fine and handsome, you don't care about taking another black woman's life.   It is time for black women to stop this foolishness and start caring about one another sister, regardless if she is sleeping with your ex-man, because if you watch the video at, Chaney seems to keep cracking a smile, a few times.  Isn't this what we see on the Maurey Povich show, from time to time; one black man sitting quiet while two black women fighting and disrespecting one another over him?   Therefore, it is time for black women of all ages to mature and individually decide if they are going to serve God instead of fighting over a man.  Decide if you love Jesus Christ more than any man (or woman), because if not, hell will be your eternal place, after you leave this life.   

This brings us to this point dear sisters, would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?  If you have been like Shareyll Hunter, not caring about what you do and say to another (black) woman, because you are so infatuated with a guy, then this means you love him more than God and you certainly don't respect yourself.  Repent now black woman, because this is one of the main reasons why are sisters cannot get anywhere in life, they idolize the man or woman they have slept with for so many years, instead of serving God.  If this is you, then please rush to our Salvation page, now.  Jesus loves you very much black women and He wants you to love Him more than anyone else or anything.


Pregnant woman accused of ramming car into expectant rival

Reports say a fight between two women pregnant by the same man ended with one seriously injured and the other being sought by officers.

 KHOU reports that Shareyll Hunter, 26, is accused of hitting Alise Kelly, 21, with a car on Thursday. The second woman was pinned against a home in the 9600 block of Ravensworth in southwest Houston. Kelly suffered two broken...Read full article, here.

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Black Women, Did Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet's husband kill her? Lizzie's Skull Found by Hunter

Lizzie was married to this white man named Roger Sweet who was allegedly accused of killing his first wife (white woman) but it was ruled an accident.  Lizzie disappeared, then her home caught a fire after no one could find her. Now this guy has been in prison for something else, but now may stand trial for the murder of his wife, because he never cooperated with police.   This is a very sad story, but you must remember sisters, many of you black women must not just accept any man in your life either out of desperation, loneliness or revenge against the black man. Although, we do not know why Lizzie chose to marry this very unattractive man.

Sisters, now we are living in a time when some black women are marrying outside their race, but still being very mistreated. Let us first forewarn you that evil has no color.  Yes, there are many black men denying us of a relationship, they won't even look at us, but you must be picky, don't be so quick to be with another race, just because they seem to treat you nice at first.  Serve God and allow a good and righteous man to choose you. That's one of the biggest problems of some black women today.  They don't talk about it, but we must make it known here at Souls of Black Women that many of you sisters need to allow God to send you the right man and stop dating outside your race either to get revenge against black men because they flaunt their various races of women or just out of loneliness.  Sisters, it was never God's will to allow any white, Latino, Asian or even our own kind to murder us as their wives.   However, each and every last black woman must serve God and patiently wait on Him until He sends you the right man. You must learn to test the spirit as our Word tells us in I John 4:1.  Roger Sweet is probably responsible for his deceased wife's death and we sincerely hope he now cooperates with investigators.   It's our gut feeling, he murdered Lizzie, including his first wife.

May Lizzie Sweet rest in peace.

Now before you watch this video, we want to ask you, do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  If not, you need Him to be the ruler of your life, because if you don't allow Him to guide your life, you will make your own decisions as to what man you choose to marry.   God wants you to be married to Him first, black women.  Now, we are not judging Lizzie, but for the rest of you, you must serve God and not be followers of many black women whom date outside their race as though they have found their Savior.  The only Savior is Jesus Christ.  If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page, now.  Jesus Christ love you more than any race of a man, because He gave His life for you, dear sisters.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Celebrity News: Today Show's Ann Curry banned for tweeting condolences to Robin Roberts

We do not think it was fair for the Today's Show to ban Ann Curry from sending tweets to Good Morning America's host, Robin Roberts.  Now we know the real reason behind her being fired.   The whole reason behind her being fired as a host of the Today's Show was because she allegedly was accused of causing Good Morning America to get more ratings, very ludicrous.  

Sisters, if you recall when Robin Roberts was sick, everyone with discussing it all over the internet, we feel because they were concerned.  Therefore, we do not think Ann Curry is the cause of the Today's Show losing any ratings to Good Morning America.   Obviously, Curry is good friends with Roberts and she wanted to have the freedom to tweet her concern for her medical condition.   However, as you know the entertainment industry can be very selfish and not have regard for humanity.  This is one of the main reasons why this nation of America is so messed up today.

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Ann Curry was banned from tweeting condolences to ailing Robin Roberts

The 'Today' show mess just got messier.

The competition between NBC's "Today" and ABC's "Good Morning America" has gotten so heated that executives at NBC banned Ann Curry from sending a sympathetic tweet to rival host Robin Roberts after the 'GMA' star announced her struggle with...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Celebrity News: Dionne Warwick, down to $1,000 cash, files for bankruptcy


This is very sad, after the death of Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick is broke.  As you know, Dionne Warwick is the cousin of the late queen of love ballads, Houston.  She has filed bankruptcy and allegedly only has $1,000.  If Whitney was alive, she no doubt would help her, for we heard she was a very generous person.

According to, Dionne Warwick filed for bankruptcy last week, citing more than $10 million in tax debt dating back to 1991.  To break it down more clear, along with $7 million in federal IRS debt, Warwick said she owes more than $3 million to the state of California in franchise taxes. Another $500,000 is owed to a lawyer and a business manager.

Hopefully, the 72-year-old legendary songstress will be able survive, after allegedly going bankrupt.   Dionne is in our prayers.

Dionne Warwick, down to $1,000 cash, files for bankruptcy

By Alan Duke, CNN

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Dionne Warwick, one of the most recognizable pop voices of the 1960s, filed for bankruptcy last week, citing more than $10 million in tax debt dating back to 1991.

"Due to several consecutive years (the late '80s through the mid-'90s) of negligent and gross financial mismanagement, Dionne Warwick has realized the...Read full article, here.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Black Women, NYPD officer caught on tape ordering cops to search black males, 14 to 20'

Sisters, if you are raising black sons, you need to be very concerned with what we are about to share with you.   Even if you do not live in New York, you should still be aware of how some white supremacists whom are police officers purposely target black males and even sometime young black females.  In this case, Officer Pedro Serrano is allegedly accused of ordering cops to stop young black males, between the ages of 14-20, specifically. 

Strong black women, how does this make you feel to hear this type of news in the 21st century?  Although, we have some black men and black women whom love to date and marry their white spouses, we still are dealing with racial issues like back in the 1950's.   This is why we say, it pays to be righteous and not be tricked by the enemy to accept sin such as homosexuality, we do not have enough energy fighting for something that does not pertain to our skin color.   The racism we still deal with, we may never see the majority white homosexuals fighting for our people.   In order to be strong black women and men of God, we must agree that racism has never ceased simply because many of our people have failed to admit to it, after the era of the civil rights movement.  Think about it sisters, after Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated and our race began being more accepted within America, some African Americans were afraid to even speak against racism.  Now, we are all diversed across the nation, but we still must deal with racial discrimination.  We can no longer avoid it,when it hits close to home.   For example, you maybe dating a white man dear sister, but your son you bore by a black man maybe harassed by a police officer like Serrano, because he's black.   In other-wards, let us be kind to other races, but you cannot ignore the issues that is still killing our people, let's be real black women.

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NYPD officer caught on tape ordering cops to search 'male blacks, 14 to 20'

By Daily Mail Reporter
An audio recording made public as part of a federal lawsuit against the New York Police Department's controversial stop-and-frisk policy reveals a commanding officer ordering cops to stop 'male blacks.'

The recording was made in secret in February by Officer Pedro Serrano in the 40th Precinct station house in the South Bronx and...Read full article, here.

Read more:
Photo: Mail Online/

Black Women, Kimani Gray's mother grieved after seeing teen in coffin at Brooklyn wake

Black women, this is a very sad story, Carol Gray the mother of the teen, Kimani Gray who was gunned down by New York police could not control herself after seeing her son dead in a coffin.  Sisters, this type of trauma has been going on for years, many parents experience much grievance while attending their child's funeral.  The saddest thing is, many African Americans are yet divided while our people yet fight for justice.

Time and time again, we read headlines of young people and even our elders dying before their time, but our race still has not yet learned to love and care for each other.   It seems the more we celebrate diversity, the more our people hate each other while some racist police officers continue shoot to kill for no reason.   Of course, it is very sad to hear Carol Gray could not stand to see her son in a casket, but these sad funerals will not stop as we continue to live in the 21st century.   There is a serious issue, if we are still dealing with the same tragedies as we dealt with in the 20th century. 

Kimani Gray had his whole life ahead of him, but he is not the first and so sad to admit, he will not be the last to be shot and killed by police.  What is the answer black women?  Of course, the answer is Jesus Christ.   He is the only One who can make black people accept and admit the truth, that we have killed each other just as much as many white supremacists and it's not just through drugs and violence, it's also the way many of our people behave toward each other.  Although we have a black (bi-racial) president many of our people fail to listen to each other.   We will continue to get angry at all of these fatal incidents, if we fail to listen, love, respect and care for each other.  If we continue to ignore the emotional pains of our own people, what type of justice do you think we will receive in return from other races, although we are now in a diverse nation? 

May Kimani Gray rest in peace and we are sincerely praying for his dear mother, Carol.

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Kimani Gray's mother let her emotions fly after seeing 16-year-old son in coffin at Brooklyn wake

Overcome with grief, the mother of Kimani Gray tried to rush her son’s open casket at a somber wake for the slain teenager Friday.

Carol Gray was unable to contain her emotions as she saw her child lying motionless inside a coffin dressed in a...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:
Photo: Pearl Gabel/Pearl Gabel/

Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Women, Mom accused of leaving 4-year-old girl tied to bed for hours

Sisters, this mother, Laketha Moore is accused of allegedly tying her little girl to the bed for hours without anything to eat or drink.  Black women, we want to encourage you to love your children.  We don't care how bitter you maybe at their father, they are not to blame for how he may have mistreated you.  So many times, there are some black women who mistreat their children, because they resemble their father, but let us remind you that God gave you those children, not that man you slept with.

Now, honestly we don't know why Laketha Moore would allegedly abuse her 4-year-old daughter, but really there is no excuse.  She was so cold to tell her neighbor the little girl was in another state with her mother when she asked about her, that's nothing but hatred. 

Now the little girl is going to be alright, now that her mother is in jail.  However, black women we cannot help but wonder what would have happened to this little girl, if it was not for one neighbor hearing a whole bunch of noise, then calling police.  The poor child would have eventually died, but God was in control.

Mom accused of leaving 4-year-old girl tied to bed for hours

By Don Guevara

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Police arrested a North Las Vegas mother because they say she left her four-year-old daughter tied to a bed.

Laketha Moore, age 36, is in the Clark County Detention Center. Police arrested her Tuesday on 31 counts of...Read full article, here.

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Black Women, Guardsman convicted in brutal beating death of girlfriend | Souls of Black Women

guardsman convicted in brutal beating death of girlfriend

David Lynch, 32, has been convicted of murdering his forty-five year old girlfriend, Althea Lewis. The National Guardsman was in the water with his girlfriend when they both were fighting over a break-up. Allegedly, Lynch claimed he tried to save his girlfriend from drowning, but the story did not add up to the injuries discovered on her body.

According to, Lynch admitted to cops that he hit Lewis "three or four times in the mist of the struggling or tussling in the water" and "didn't plan for this to go this way...

Black Women, Guardsman convicted in brutal beating death of girlfriend | Souls of Black Women

Duncan William's wife named one of "25 Influential Black women in Business"

The wife of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan and first lady of Christian Action Faith Ministries has been voted as one of the 25 Influential Black Women in Business.   Rosa Whitaker is the President and CEO of the Whitaker Group.  We love giving reports for strong black women in business, simply because others whom have failed need to see successful examples, so they will refuse to give up.

Black women, be encouraged whenever you see women rise to the top.  No matter how difficult life gets for you, do not give up.   Sometimes, the more harder you are driven to succeed, the more trials you face...Read full article, here.

Source:  Souls of Black

Black Women, Age of aborted babies debate at Dr. Kermit Gosnell murder trial

philadelpha doctor murder trial-dr. kermit gosnell

Dr. Kermit Gosnell's attorney is trying to point that it was not so bad that a baby died in the womb. However, Dr. Gosnell is not off the hook, he performed illegal abortions and allegedly caused one woman to die. We don't think Plan Parenthood even keeps dead babies around the clinic. What investigators saw when they entered Gosnell's abortion clinic was very gross and a disgusting sight.

According to, Gosnell's attorney Jack McMahon debated Wednesday that the babies were not as old as they may have seemed and were dead upon delivery. That argument does not make sense, because Gosnell being a licensed physician should have known how old the babies were in their mothers wombs. In our opinion Gosnell is very guilty...Read full article, here.


Black Women, Missing 2-year-old girl found safe, mother arrested | Souls of Black Women

black women-stone mountain mother reported child abducted arrested
This Stone Mountain mother covering up her face has been arrested for reporting a false statement to police. Now why this mother would do such a thing, we don't know, but we can assume that there is a possibility she and her boyfriend could have been trying to get award money. Sisters, for no reason should you ever use your child to get money, instead you should work for what you want.

mother arrested for making false statements about child missing

According to, the mother of this child reported the little girl missing from the Lakes at Stone Mountain Apartment Homes. There's something strange about this story, a man and a woman who had the child in custody saw...

Black Women, Missing 2-year-old girl found safe, mother arrested | Souls of Black Women

Black women, KKK plans protest in Memphis over city’s decision to remove a former Klan member’s name | Souls of Black Women

ku klux klan protest

Sisters, the KKK is planning to march in Memphis to keep a former's Klan members name, Nathan Bedford Forrest Park. We do not hear of them marching much anymore. However, they are making their voice heard to keep this former Klansman's name for this park as though they want everyone to acknowledge they yet exist and desire to rule America.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Celebrity News: Bobby Brown out of jail in hours

bobby brown out of jail in hours

New Edition member, Bobby Brown has only served 9 hours in jail, after given a 55 day sentence. He was serving time for his second DUI conviction. We cannot help but wonder if he had not been a celebrity would he have to do his full sentence. According to, A Los Angeles County probation officer determined that Brown, the ex-husband of Whitney Houston, was...

Black Women, 7 shot during rap video release party at Gresham supper club | Souls of Black Women

shooting after rap concert at mr. g's supperclub shooting

Six men and one woman was shot at Mr. G's Supperclub in Chicago. It was a record release party for a rapper's CD, but it was not that much of a celebration after a gang began shooting in the club. Three gunmen began firing into a crowd, but it was too late for several attendees whom rushed to the hospital, the woman shot in the face and other areas of her body. Sisters, please be careful when you go to the nightclub for any reason. However, we wish you would not go at all. things are just too dangerous these days.
According to, The club reportedly hires private security and even off-duty Chicago police who perform pat-downs on guests, leading Ald. Brookins to question how firearms were slipped inside the club in the first place.

It is time for black women to realize the nightclub is no place for us, especially if we are born again Christians, we have no business going to the club or...

Black Women, 7 shot during rap video release party at Gresham supper club | Souls of Black Women

Black Women Be Careful, Identity stolen after signing up for cable deal | Souls of Black Women

stephanie davis identity stolen by man for cable deal2

Have you ever gotten those low cost advertisements for cable, electricity or even a phone bill? If so, then maybe you should not consider signing up, not unless you make sure the company is legit and a real business. Sisters, a Harper Woods, Michigan woman signed up for a deal with a man who promised to give her a discount package for her home and she got an alert from Bank of America that over $1,700 was withdrawn. This was all Stephanie Davis had in her bank account.
stephanie davis identity stolen by man for cable deal
Stephanie Davis said usually she's much smarter than this, because anything like this can happened to anyone whom has perfect intelligence. We all want a good deal for one, but we do not necessarily think we would be the next victim of a con artist. A man by the name of Henry fooled her...

Black Women Be Careful, Identity stolen after signing up for cable deal | Souls of Black Women

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Black Women, Mourners attend funeral for Jonylah Watkins | Souls of Black Women

jonathon watkins at daughter jonylah funeral

Sisters, this is an update for the Chicago baby who was murdered on her father's lap. This is a very sad day as mourners pay respects to 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins. Her father wrote a poem in her obituary and on the following news clip, you will see both he and the mother of Jonylah view the little body of their baby girl. Black women, we want you to be determined to be righteous and live for Jesus Christ. We want you to show black men that we will no longer stand for their alleged involvement with gangs and gun violence. For when we are virtuous women, we have no choice be to be led by the Holy Spirit and He will guide us on whom we should marry and have children with or else we reap fatal consequences for rebellion.

Now, don't get us wrong we feel very bad for this young couple, but-it has been allegedly mentioned Jonathon Watkins was the target and allegedly involved with gang affiliation. If this is true, we cannot proceed to complain...

Black Women, Mourners attend funeral for Jonylah Watkins | Souls of Black Women

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Black Women, Atlanta Lawyer allegedly shot 8 times by husband files for divorce | Souls of Black Women

Adina_Parson-atlanta attorney shot eight times files for divorce

Sisters, we do not know if you followed our previous articles at Souls of Black Women, Ist Edition, but a successful attorney by the name of Adina Parson was shot eight times by her husband who was allegedly engaged to another woman. Michael Parson must have thought his wife would be dead after he shot her, but she miraculously survived her wounds and now is filing for divorce. Sisters, these are the courageous women whom we should always not only admire, but keep also in our prayers. For it takes faith in God to forgive cruel people like Michael Parsons and his alleged mistress.

As we mentioned before, it is nothing but God for Adina Parson, Esq. to had survived her gunshot wounds. God had a purpose for her to live and be an example for other black women yet bound in a dangerous marriage or relationship. Often times, some sisters envy wives of men whom seem like the perfect husband, but let us remind you that a lot of times these wives are going through so much hell behind closed doors, it doesn't matter how good looking you may think he is. Looks are nothing when you have to live through hell and then have your life almost taken by a man who lived a double life like Michael Parson. What hurts the most, is that some other (black) women whom date these married men, they are prepared to be the next wife while the wives endure such betrayal by their discreet affairs. One of the main reasons why we as black women have been oppressed within...

Black Women, Atlanta Lawyer allegedly shot 8 times by husband files for divorce | Souls of Black Women

Monday, March 18, 2013

Celebrity News: Atlanta woman drops paternity suit against Michael Jordan | Souls of Black Women

Michael-Jordan paternity suit dismissed by pamela smith

Pamela Smith, the mother of the teen who posted the You Tube video about Michael Jordan being his father has dropped the paternity suit. We are perplexed as to why all of a sudden she decided to drop the suit, but we not surprised after her good friend and godmother (Adina Harley) of the the teen did an interview (see our previous article), allegedly claiming Smith's ex-husband always believed her child was his. It just did not sound right to us.

Now that she has dropped the paternity suit, we wonder will we ever hear from Pamela Smith or will she ever take it to court, again. Possibly, if she decides to never touch paternity suit again could be because she always knew deep down inside Taj was not his son all along, especially if her ex-husband always allegedly thought he was the father. All of those facts maybe true...

Celebrity News: Atlanta woman drops paternity suit against Michael Jordan | Souls of Black Women

Black Women, Romulus mother Aiesha Fletcher Body Found in Detroit Field, not Bianca Green | Souls of Black Women

romulus woman found dead
As many of you sisters already know, the episode about one of the Romulus mothers missing was aired on the cable TV show, 'Find Our Missing,' it was about Bianca Green. However, Green's body has not been found yet, but Aiesha Fletcher's body has just been identified by police. Fletcher's decomposed body was found under some furniture in a Detroit field, spotted by garbage men. Black women, we want you to start taking your life seriously and be very careful whom you meet, there are some very strange and evil people out in the world.

Sisters, we are also going to put the video about our missing dear sister Bianca Green, which was shown on the TV show 'Find Our Missing' below this article. However, we first want to school you on how you should protect yourself from evil people out in this world. You know black women, we are not judge any of our dear sisters whom have been murdered by...

Black Women, Romulus mother Aiesha Fletcher Body Found in Detroit Field, not Bianca Green | Souls of Black Women

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black Women, DC Woman fired for selling Girl Scout cookies at work | Souls of Black Women

black woman fired for selling boy scout cookies
Tracy Lewis had been working for Bon Apetit in various stores on a DC college university campus for 30 years until she lost her job for selling girl scout cookies. Lewis had been selling the cookies in one particular store for 3 years, allegedly. As you know sisters, many Moms have helped their daughter sell girl scout cookies over the years, it's nothing new. Lewis should have at least been warned at first before she was terminated for selling girl scout cookies, it does not seem like she knew it was against the company's policy.

According to, Bon Appetit Management Company, the manager accuses Tracy Lewis of"gross misconduct by soliciting ", and "operating a personal cash business selling girl scout cookies over the counter which violates company policy." If it violates the policy, why question if company gave Tracy Lewis a forewarning at...

Black Women, DC Woman fired for selling Girl Scout cookies at work | Souls of Black Women

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebrity News: Judge Tipton Lane says she’s being harassed by Tameka Foster’s attorney | Souls of Black Women

judge tipton lane says tameka's lawyer harrasing her2

Allegedly, Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane has resigned from several cases that are under Attorney Lisa West. For this reason, Judge Lane is accusing Tameka Raymond Foster's lawyer of harassment. As you know, after Judge Lane ruled in favor of Usher for custody of his two sons, she has been accused of receiving campaign funds. Now, she is allegedly accusing her of seeking information that involved her deceased sister whom used her computer, according to

In our opinion, it just seems like Judge Lane is very offended by Attorney West's persistence to get down to the bottom of the issue, not necessarily annoyed of her alleged harassment. Possibly, Judge Lane feels threatened that another successful black woman is doing her job, so Tameka Raymond Foster can share rights to her two sons. If there was any funds given to Lane, West has a right to reveal all facts that will support her client's case. According to...

Celebrity News: Judge Tipton Lane says she’s being harassed by Tameka Foster’s attorney | Souls of Black Women

Celebrity News: Michael Vick talks at Stone Mountain church about right choices | Souls of Black Women

Michael Vick talks at stone mountain church after cancellation of book signing

Just days after Michael Vick cancelled his book signing tour because of alleged threats, he was up speaking at a church in Stone Mountain, GA. It's wonderful to know, he is still moving forward. However, we wish he could have continued his book signing tour without fear, because like our fellow journalists mentioned in a previous article at SCR, he did his time, he should not allow them to hold him in bondage. Michael Vick came out with his autobiography, "Finally Free" to help other people and the main thing is, he is now making a change for the better.
Michael vick autobiography finally free
Sisters, unlike other celebrities, Michael Vick has humbled himself before the nation. He has apologized for the dog fighting at his previous residence and did time in prison. Vick is a positive example for not only our youth, but also other...

Celebrity News: Michael Vick talks at Stone Mountain church about right choices | Souls of Black Women

Black Women and Girls getting in shape and maintaining good health with GirlTreck | Souls of Black Women

black women-girltreck2

GirlTreck in Detroit is help some black women and girls get in shape, so they can remain healthy. Even in cold weather and in the snow these ladies are improving their bodies by walking with the group. Sisters, do you realize many black women whom have died over the years would still be here, if they would have just simply made time to walk everyday? Over the years, many black women died of various illness like diabetes, heart disease and even stress, it is time you make a wise decision to not follow behind them and choose longevity.

Possibly, you have some excuses as to why you cannot workout or walk everyday. Of course, many of you have jobs, are in college and even have kids. We have a solution for you, make time to walk in a safe place. If you have children, make them walk with you. If you get off of work in...

Black Women and Girls getting in shape and maintaining good health with GirlTreck | Souls of Black Women

Black Women, Southwest Detroit woman says her home was robbed 2 days in a row | Souls of Black Women

detroit woman robbed 2 days in a row
This is something you would see on the movies, a woman chasing some thugs who could have killed her. She was on the phone with Detroit police the whole time. Courageous 28-year-old Ashley Ball had had enough when she actually saw the thieves rushing out of her home, one had a gun and the other, a crow bar. Black women, she could believe she was robbed 2 days in a row.

Sisters, we don't know what is going to stop crime in Detroit, but it seems like things will never get better there. When our fellow bloggers of SCR did their report on the pastor who was beefing up security at his church, we learned that ministers were carrying guns, years ago. Now, if church people feel they have to protect themselves, then this is a serious problem that has never gotten better. Therefore, as we have said so many times before, the true saints of...

Black Women, Southwest Detroit woman says her home was robbed 2 days in a row | Souls of Black Women

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hollywood News: Oprah Talks about Love Scene with Terrence Howard on Steve Harvey Show | Souls of Black Women

We will keep it very clean here on Souls of Black Women blog. Oprah was on Steve Harvey's talk show discussing the love scene she had with Terence Howard. We think it is very interesting that Terence Howard really felt good being with Oprah Winfrey for certain reasons we'd rather not say here. Of course, to be with Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire must have made him feel very privileged to act...Read full article, here.

Hollywood News: Oprah Talks about Love Scene with Terrence Howard on Steve Harvey Show | Souls of Black Women

Hollywood News: Nia Long Covers JET Magazine, Talks ‘Best Man’ Sequel | Souls of Black Women


We are sure the next issue of Jet Magazine will be very interesting. The famous celebrity will most likely discuss her career, family and love life. According to, the Hollywood celebrity has been in a relationship with former NBA player Ime Udoka. Nia Long has always been a positive example whenever there is a discussion about positive black women in showbiz. The 42 year old actress has been in the movie industry for a...

Hollywood News: Nia Long Covers JET Magazine, Talks ‘Best Man’ Sequel | Souls of Black Women

Black women, the black church won’t forgive my daughter for being gay | Souls of Black Women

black church news200 souls of black women

Sisters, 'Regina (fictitious name)' confided in the journalists of Souls of Black Women about how the majority of the some church members mistreat her 20 year old daughter for being gay. Regina says she helped start this independent holiness church in Oakland several years ago. Her daughter made a mistake and chose the wrong path, after being abused by several men in her family all sorts of ways. She admits there was even sexual abuse by one of her brothers when she was just a toddler. Regina says her daughter stopped going to the church when the pastor sexually violated of her, after a counseling session and when her daughter told her about it, she confronted him. The pastor denied everything and from that time forth, he would humiliate her in front of the church, telling her she was demon possessed. The women in this black church treated her like poison, every time she would walked in the church, including some of their henpecked men. Some of them would even pull their kids out of the way. Her daughter tried to even testify at this same church how God saved her from homosexuality, but this black church still mistreated her as...

Black women, the black church won’t forgive my daughter for being gay | Souls of Black Women

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