Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Gospel Artist, Kirk Franklin is a Positive Mentor For Black Women

We never heard gospel artist, Kirk Franklin's testimony.  He allegedly shared how he has been unwanted by his family members: father, mother and grandmother.  Yes, this is why his music is so universal for Christ, because it hurts so much when your own race and relatives hurt you.  Therefore, many of you black women can relate with Kirk Franklin and now realize many of us who did not have a father and did not have a mother's love are not alone.  Souls of Black Women love Kirk Franklin!
So many black families always like to falsely accuse one person for staying away when the real root of the problem is them.  How can anyone come around, if you don't want them?  Many of us black women should really celebrate Kirk's music, because it takes a strong man of God to admit he has always been unwanted by his relatives, allegedly.

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Source: Trinity Broadcasting Network


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