Thursday, October 10, 2013

Update: LAPD Officer Charged With Assault in Woman’s Death

If you recall, we did a previous article about this young woman's death.  The police officers in this case, allegedly claim Alesia Thomas was resisting arrest, but there is no excuse to ever beat her for it.  We are sure the police academy trains their students not to beat citizens, but if not, they need to start including lessons against police brutality in their courses.

According to, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were sent to Alesia Thomas’ home in the 9100 block of South Broadway Avenue to investigate a possible child abandonment report on July 22.

Thank God, justice will be served, because it is very wrong for any police officer to harm and kill a human being.  Another thing, we notice the black community mostly focuses on police brutality against black men, but it happens to black women a lot too and we need to encourage more equality when it comes to that issues.  It's more difficult a lot of times when it comes to black women, because too many black women are against each other and support the black male in many cases.

LAPD Officer Charged With Assault in Woman’s Death 

A Los Angeles police officer who allegedly pushed and kicked a woman during an arrest in which the woman later died has been charged with assault, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday.

LAPD officer Mary O’Callaghan, 48, was charged Wednesday with assaulting an arrestee...Read full article, here.

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