Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Woman turns up alive almost two weeks after her own funeral

Sisters, God has blessed this woman to be found alive after her own funeral.  Now, although we are very sad that the unidentified woman in the ground is dead, God is still good.   Carrie Minnie's family thought she was dead until her son called them and told her he got a phone call from here.  You know, that's nothing but God.

According to , the woman they buried that day was not, in fact, their loved one but a lookalike. Jackson showed up at a Philadelphia hospital on Aug. 16, several weeks after she had been reported missing and 13 days after her family thought they had laid her to rest at Colonial Memorial Park in Hamilton, N.J.

Thanks God Carrie Minnie is alive and we hope she is doing well. In the meantime, we pray that the family of the unidentified woman comes forward and may she rest in peace.

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Woman turns up alive almost two weeks after her own funeral


Carrie Minney could have sworn the woman in the casket was her 50-year-old daughter.

When Minney and the rest of Sharolyn Jackson's family attended her viewing, funeral and burial in New Jersey on Aug. 3, they noted that Jackson's nose looked thinner. But they figured something had happened to it...Read full article, here.

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