Sunday, September 29, 2013

Black Women, Stepfather Is Person of Interest in Slaying of Hawthorne Woman

This young woman who worked a two honest jobs was allegedly stabbed to death by her stepfather.  Black women, we ask you, how cold can this guy be, to call up the mother and tell her, 'I have a surprise for you, when you get home?'   The mother saw her surprise alright, when her daughter ran into her arms with a sliced throat. 

According to, catching suffered multiple stab wounds inside an apartment at 4834 West 118th Place Thursday night, according to Hawthorne police. 

 It's so sad, many of us black women can recall our mothers marrying the wrong man and we had to pay the consequences of our mother's wrong decision.  We could have been like Naquia Catching, may she rest in peace.  God loves her soul more than anyone in this world.

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Stepfather Is Person of Interest in Slaying of Hawthorne Woman

The stepfather of a 22-year-old woman who was fatally stabbed in Hawthorne was identified as a “person of interest” in her killing, authorities said Friday.

The victim was identified as Naquia Catching, according to the Los Angeles County...Read full article, here.

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