Monday, July 8, 2013

Why do many Black women hurt each other, after facing so much discrimination?

Possibly, the question should have been 'why do black women hate each other?'  Either way, you put it, hate or hurt, it is very confusing as to why there are many black women who do so.   Some of us have faced racial discrimination with those whom claim to be are best-friends and who may have once called themselves our sisters and now they are our worst enemies.  Maybe now we can comprehend why many black men have not desired to be with us, because if those black women cannot care enough about another black woman they have offended, then there is no way for many black couples to remain together.

Often times, many black women may have offended you much worst than other races.  Where does this come from?  Does this come from how we were rejected by our own mothers?   Some of our sisters whom have went to prison, no longer had their best-friends whom were black women to be there for them.   Some of our sisters whom endured nervous break-downs experienced their best-friends whom were black women neglect and mistreat them very bad. afterwards. Some of our dear sisters have experienced whom they call their god-sisters lie and never even admit to it and yet complain about racism and how much the black men don't want us.   Where did this come from, sisters?  Why do many of our dear sisters enjoy the emotional distress of another black woman and yet complain about us being rejected by our American society?   The reality is dear sisters, we can no longer blame the black men whom have shunned us, because many of them have been just as neglected  and rejected by many black women just like many of us.    Let's be honest, the majority of our sisters have not been in unity for many years.   Many of them have kissed us like Judas Iscariot, after hurting us and yet complain about racism and yet will not admit to offending us nor apologizing for what they have done.  Therefore, we must go to the scripture found in Matthew 5:44 and be obedient when it says, But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you...  However, let's not continue to lie and place most or all of the blame on black men whom date or marry outside of their race and let us not continue to complain about racial discrimination if we cannot be remorseful for offending another black woman who used to be a best-friend, a 'so-call' god-sister, a relative or whomever they were to us at one time.

Sisters, we cannot continue to complain about racism and black men whom no longer desire to be with us, if many black women won't even care how they have hurt and hated us.     The truth is, many black women have killed other sisters before they died physically through the emotional distress they caused them throughout their lives.  Yes, many black women have torn down other black women and there is no one to blame but them for what we do not have as a whole.

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