Sunday, June 2, 2013

Special Ed Teacher Made Fun of Students on Facebook: Black women can you believe this?

This special ed teacher at Bennet-Kew Elementary School made mockery of her special ed students on Facebook.   Mendez not only offended the kids in her classes, but also their parents.  One parent, specifically, saw her signature on a document, this teacher uploaded.  Sisters, can you believe this woman would offend her special ed students?

Even worse, Mendez had the audacity to allegedly threatened the parents about what she would do before she uploaded these rude comments.  According to, one parent allegedly claims the teacher posted several pictures of student tests and parent notes with sarcastic comments added.
We want to discourage the rest of you black women to be smart, don't mess up and make mockery of your students whom may cannot do any better.   If God puts you in a position as a teacher, you should know how to behave.  Furthermore, think about it, what if it was you?  Would you like someone making fun of your work?

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