Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kroger Shooting Suspect in the Fake Suburbs of Atlanta Identified by Police: Black Women, Stone Mountain is the ghetto

Many of you have to honestly admit what they call the suburbs in Atlanta is definitely not a real one.  Stone Mountain can be just as dangerous as the city of Atlanta.  Over the years, many African Americans who reside there like to put on airs if that is the black suburbs, but this is just another case, which proves it's no such thing.  This 21-year-old suspect, Chazerel Burton has just been identified by police for shooting a 2-year-old boy.

According to, Wednesday's shooting took place in the parking of the Kroger grocery store at Memorial Drive and N. Hairston in Stone Mountain.  Police said a Good Samaritan had confronted a man who had allegedly just robbed a pedestrian. "A guy came up to another guy and just pulled off his chain and started running," said Shenequa Brammer, an eyewitness at the scene.

Just a reminder, this exact Kroger location is just down the street from Victory Church in Stone Mountain where Pastor Kenneth Samuels is the pastor.   If you recall there was a tragic shooting that took a few lives in his church parking lot, not long ago. 

We sincerely hope police find their suspect, Chazerel Burton.  However, they must face the truth this is a fake suburb where a lot of fatal cases have took place over the years.  A few of our journalists used to reside not to far from there and it's nothing but God, they are protected by His angels.

In the meantime, our prayers go out to this father and his young son.

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Kroger shooting suspect identified by police



Authorities say they've identified the man they believe is responsible for shooting a 2-year-old child outside of a Kroger store on Wednesday.  Investigators say the man they're looking for is 21-year-old Chazerel Burton. 

Authorities credit tips called into CrimeStoppers with identifying Burton.  They say his family has been cooperative, but the...Read full article, here.

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