Saturday, June 15, 2013

Is Father's Day special for a lot of black women? Happy Father's Day Jesus Christ!!

Sisters, many of you whom do not have fathers can relate to Father's Day being just another day.  However, those of you who do not know what it feels like to be fatherless may not have cared to think about how some of your sisters feel on this special day.   However, if this is just another day for you sister and you are reading this post, we want to show you how Father's Day can become a very special day in your life.

It does not matter how your father may have left your mother for another woman or man years ago, and it does not even matter if you never were accepted by your him.   You do not have to feel emptiness every time you think about how you never had a man to show you how to be a lady growing up.   You do not have to feel bitter whenever you think about your stepfather beating on your mother and how the men in the family did not rescue her and now, they are all fathers themselves.    It can be very painful for some black women, because to them, Father's Day are just for those whom yet have living fathers and are communicating with them.

First of all, we want to say Happy Father's Day to all of you black men out there whom are fathers, but only if you have been a responsible parent who has shown love to each and every last one of your children.  If not, you do not deserve to celebrate on this very special day.   

For you black women whom do not know how to feel excited about Father's day and do not care to.  Let us give you something to think about, Father's Day should be very special to you, because God is your Father, regardless of you not having one.   Therefore, God said He will take over as a Father in your life, it does not matter how old you are.   You see, many times in the black race, some African Americans only support black men whom lack fathers, but black women also need their fathers too.   For this reason, many times we are dogged by men in our families who acknowledge some of us fatherless, including some men we date.  Therefore, you need to realize God will be a Father to you and will also love you much better than those men.   God has more power than your earthly father, because He created you.  Therefore, once you fully submit your life to Him, you will realize how precious you are to Him.   Often times, you may feel empty inside, because some black women refuse to consider other black females whom were raised without a father and if they had one, he was very abusive to their mothers while they were growing up.   Look past those ignorant black women who think it's just the black male who need a father.   Look to Jesus Christ and you will discover, when you spend more time with Him, you will feel ultimate love you never felt before, something your natural biological father could never give you, even if he still is alive.

Precious black women, have you tried crying out to God?   Have you tried talking to Him when you feel bitter, because you do not have a biological father to love you?   Possibly, you never tried, because if your natural father neglected you, you do not feel valuable in the eyes of God, but sisters, God loves you much better than that man who met your mother years ago and impregnated her with you.  God loves you and wants you to give your all of your life to Him.  Will you dedicate your life to Jesus Christ, so you can feel what it's like to have a real Father?   If so, please go straight to our Salvation page.   Say this with us dear black women who are without an earthly father:  "Happy Father's Day, Jesus Christ!"

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