Saturday, June 22, 2013

Celebrity News: Brian Banks, Atlanta Falcons False Accuser Must pay $2.6MILLION to school district

brian banks accuser must pay millions back to school district

Wanetta Gibson, former student of Polytechnic High School allegedly lied on a former football star, Brian Banks. She accused the 17 year old of raping her when she was just 15 years old.  Now, after 10 years of carrying guilt for a crime he did not commit, Banks has signed on with the Atlanta Falcons.  Sisters, you must teach your daughters to be honest and not lie.  Do you see how God blessed Brian Banks, after she carried this lie for 10 years?

According to Mail Online, Wanetta Gibson had admitted to Banks the alleged kidnap and rape did not happen, but did not want to tell prosecutors in case she lost the payout her family had won in a suit against Long Beach Schools.  Banks was later prosecuted and convicted of rape.

Now, Wanetta must pay $2.6 million dollars to the school district of Long Beach, because her family won a lawsuit for thousands of dollars, which they should not have received.  Also, according to Mail Online, the judgement on Monday came weeks after Banks, now 27, was signed by NFL team the Atlanta Falcons.  He also got offers from some other football teams before the Falcons.

In the meantime, we are praying for Brian Banks and thank God for his success.  Also, we pray that his false accuser receives Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and has repented for what she has done to Mr. Banks and his family.

Female student who falsely claimed footballer raped her 10 years ago is forced to pay $2.6MILLION to school district ... and he just got signed by Atlanta Falcons

by Daily Mail Reporter

A student who falsely accused a school football star of rape has been ordered to pay $2.6million dollars to the school district in compensation, officials said. Wanetta Gibson was just 15 when she claimed Brian Banks, then 17 and a student at Polytechnic High School, in...Read full article, here.

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