Saturday, May 25, 2013

Getaway driver charged in crash that killed woman, injured kids: Black Women, Police are Calling this Murder

Sisters, we will respond the same when we speak of our young black men who get in trouble with the law, it's time to stop blaming police and teach our young people to take responsibility for their own actions.  One of the parents angrily asked, 'why did police have to chase these suspects?'  Let us tell you why, they allegedly broke the law and when you run after breaking the law, police have to chase you until you are arrested.  Why can't these parents understand that obvious fact, black women?

Because 21-year-old Shiquinta Franklin refused to stop, she crashed into a Mom and injured the children in the deceased victim's car.  Now she is being charged with murder. According to, police said three women exited the store with over $2,600 worth of stolen merchandise and got into a red Dodge Avenger.  Black women, teach your daughters to work hard for what they want, if not, they will pay the consequences for doing wrong.

In the meantime, our prayers are with the deceased victim's family and we are praying for her children. 

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Getaway driver charged in crash that killed woman, injured kids

HOUSTON — Authorities are throwing the book at a woman who allegedly killed an innocent driver and injured three children when she crashed her getaway car during a police chase Thursday.

Shiquinta Franklin, 21, was charged with murder, evading arrest and accident involving and...Read full article, here.

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