Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Defense argues that convicted killer Does Not Deserve Death Penality

Naim Rasool Muhammad's attorney argued that he does not deserve the death penalty.  In case you do not recall the story, Muhammad purposely ordered his sons to jump in to a creek, knowing they could not swim. Allegedly, he kidnapped them on his son's first day of school while their mother desperately searched for them.  He was upset with his broken relationship and got revenge in an insane way. Now, he must pay for killing his two sons, but his attorney says he does not deserve to die. 

Sisters, please pray before you have children with any man.  Now, we are not blaming the mother of these two sons, but for the rest of you, do not rush into a relationship and bore children, no matter how old you are.  Pray and ask God, if you've found the right man to be with.

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Defense argues that convicted killer does not deserve death 


DALLAS -- It took a jury only six minutes Wednesday morning to find Naim Rasool Muhammad guilty of drowning his two sons.

The defense called no witnesses on the closing day of the trial and defense attorney Paul Johnson said in his closing...Read full article, here.


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