Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dave Bing announces he will not run for Detroit mayor, Black Women we can't blame him

Mayor Dave Bing, 69, has announced he will not run for mayor and some residents of Detroit are very surprised.  However, we understand Bing's decision and fully agree with it.  For this reason, the citizens of Detroit must make a decision to make the city better, the mayor cannot do it alone.  It does not matter who is mayor of Detroit. 

One voter on the following video says he had already planned to vote against Mayor Bing and was not in support of him, allegedly.  That negative response right there proves the problem are the citizens, not the city officials and that's everywhere you go in every black community across America.  Many blame those whom govern the land, but won't ever mention where the fault really is and that's right among the citizens.  Let us assure you intelligent black women, regardless of the former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick's scandal, no mayor will ever make Detroit a better place to live, not unless the citizens make a change themselves, in our opinion.  Those whom do not make a change are the ones whom will never be satisfied no matter who takes Bing's place.  Furthermore, if Mayor Bing does not see people are grateful for his work, he should move on.

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Fox 2 News Headlines 

Dave Bing announces he will not run for Detroit mayor

By Scott Brewer, 

DETROIT, Mich. (WJBK) -During a speech in which he touted the accomplishments made during his current administration, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing told an...Read full article, here.


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