Monday, May 6, 2013

Chicago police officer shoots & kills teen: Black Women, why blame cops for gun violence? | Souls of Black Women

chicago police officer shoots and kills teen2
We beg to differ with the two black women on the news who blame the Chicago police officers for doing their jobs. Let us make something very clear to you sisters, we strictly believe in discipline and have no pity on these youngsters whom were shooting in broad daylight on the Sabbath day. There are rules and guidelines these children have to follow, if they expect for the police to not fire their shots at them. Of course, sometimes the police are to blame, but not all the time like in this situation. These black teen males had no business even having their hands on any guns.

Black women, you cannot continue to go on TV news and blame police officers across America for doing their jobs. If they saw these black teen boys shooting at each other, which in fact they did, they did what they knew was best. One of the black woman fussed that this is somebody's child who got killed. Let us ask you sisters this one question, if he was a child, then what was he doing having access to a firearm? Then, we heard the other black woman, ignorantly fussing that she saw the officer fire from his car, then get out and fire another one as though he should be blamed for...
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Source: Souls of Black Women, Edition II 


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