Saturday, May 18, 2013

Celebrity News: Pilar Sanders Owes Credit Card Company Over $6,000

The latest news about Pilar Sanders allegedly owing Capitol One over $6,000 does not surprise us.  Whenever a celebrity husband makes most of the money in the marriage, he most likely will leave the wife in debt, allegedly.  How can Pilar Sanders pay her bills when she may not make as much money as Deion Sanders?

According to TMZ.comCapital One has slapped Pilar Sanders with a big, fat lawsuit in Texas for allegedly failing to make payments on a $6,160.25 bill ... an amount she used to consider chump change. 

The downfall of marrying a celebrity who is rich is that if he chooses to leave the marriage, he may not be willing to split half of his entire assets with his estranged wife.   Allegedly, Pilar was supposed to get a million dollars in the divorce settlement, but we don't know how quick she's supposed to get it.  Until she receives her money from alimony payments, she may not be able to pay off this credit card with Capitol One.  In the meantime, we'll keep Pilar in our prayers. 
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We've learned ...Capital One has slapped Pilar Sanders with a big, fat lawsuit in Texas for allegedly failing to...Read full article, here.


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