Saturday, May 4, 2013

Celebrity News: How did Boxer Tony Martin's Killer get his hands on aunt's gun?

retired boxer tony martin's killer used aunt's gun
Sisters, after the famous celebrity boxer, Tony Martin was found dead, police have discovered the gun used in his murder was stolen from the killer's aunt. That's right, the alleged killer in the above photo, Shaquille Henderson, 21, broke into his aunt's home and stole the weapon she uses on the job as a police officer. So far, police says she has nothing to do with the case. 
Now this is just a shame, Henderson's aunt worked very hard to become a police officer and her nephew chose to do wrong. It's an achievement whenever we see black women whom are police officers. For this 21-year-0ld to do something like this, is a disgrace. Of course, it's good to love your family, but when they choose to do wrong like Shaquille Henderson...Read full article, here.



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