Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Women, Uncle charged in murder of Greenville teen Alicia Moore

This man, Michael Moore, 57. is accused of allegedly murdering his niece, Alicia Moore.  Sisters, this man is sick, he staged his consideration as though he was so worried about the teenage girl.  He baked cupcakes in front of the news cameras, talking about he taught her how to bake.  He was the alleged killer the whole time.   

Sisters, do you recall when we did this story?   We did this article right after, the Trayvon Martin case and thought possibly it had to do with white supremacists.   However, we were so mistaken and want you to realize there are most likely more blacks who kill blacks than whites, these days.   What's so sickening about this case, is Michael Moore was Alicia's uncle, an actual killer within the family. What did he do to her before he killed her, rape her?   

 May Alicia Moore rest in peace.

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Uncle charged in murder of Greenville teen Alicia Moore


GREENVILLE –– The uncle of a 16-year-old Greenville girl who was killed and left in a trunk last November was arrested on Monday and charged with her murder.

City of Greenville spokeswoman Lori Philyaw said Michael Vincent Moore, 57, was arrested at...Read full article, here.

Source: WFAA.com


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