Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black women, Daycare Employees Arrested For Video Taping Toddlers Jumping Another Kid

This is a shame, these two daycare workers thought it was so funny to watch toddlers jumping another one, they even videotaped it. They can be heard laughing at these kids.  As intelligent black women, don't you ever think it's funny for kids to fight each other or jump on another child.  If you think it's funny, you are not fit to be a mother of a child nor a daycare worker.
According to Bossip.com, 23-year-old Krystina Woods of Racine and 22-year-old Jakitta Hollins of Caledonia have both been identified as the teachers behind this disturbing video.   Because of their alleged ignorance, the daycare is now shut down.   

Think about it sisters, neither of these infantile black women are not only in jail, but they are the cause of a business closing down. Whenever, Woods and Hollins get out of jail, they will have a very hard time finding another job, because of this offense.  Sisters, the workforce is already hard, but we cannot imagine what it's like to not be hired because of a criminal record.
In the meantime, our prayers are with the mother of this toddler who got jumped and even his mother. 

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2-Daycare Workers/Mud Ducks Arrested For Video Taping And Laughing At Toddlers Jumping Another Kid

By Bossip Staff

A Racine child care center is under fire after two teachers in the facility are accused of watching a two-year-old boy get beat up by other kids and shooting video of it too. The center in question is the Bundle of Blessings Kid Kare on Northwestern Ave. The teachers accused in this case are identified as...Read full article, here.

Source: Bossip.com

Photo: NBC 26


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