Friday, May 31, 2013

Black Women, can you believe Whites Only Area in South Africa? | Souls of Black Women

whites only area in south africa-souls of black women
Sisters, this video was so disturbing to us, we could not finish watching it. Allegedly, these whites in South Africa think they have the right to be separate from other citizens whom are black. They claim they are not racist although they desire to be separatists. Sisters, how is it this is happening in our mother land in the 21st century?

Of course, we have problems over here in America, such as rebellion against God's Word to condone sin. However, so far, since Dr. Martin Luther King fought for equality, we have had a lot of diversity, although racism is yet very real in America to a certain extent. Sisters, is this is what is going on in our mother land, we say to you to repent and to spread the word to our people to seek God and surrender, completely. There is such a thing as history repeating itself, regardless of how many interracial marriages and families we have in America. Racism is a spiritual matter and the only way those black Africans can combat this discrimination is to seek God, before it gets worst and the same goes for America and other countries. The main thing is for us to turn away from sin and never go back to it and that's any type of sin. Let us fully obey God's Word without regret or shame. Satan yet has souls whom desire to hold certain parts of God's earth from the darker races, especially black people. Furthermore, we don't know which is worst so much equality when it opposes God's Word or inequality among races; either way Satan has strategically planned it to...

Black Women, can you believe Whites Only Area in South Africa? | Souls of Black Women, 2nd Edition


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