Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update: Black Women, Pregnant woman accused of pinning pregnant rival with car appears before judge

Twenty-six year old Shaeryll Hunter who is responsible for assaulting another pregnant woman with her ex-boyfriend's car appeared before a judge.  She allegedly crushed Alise Kelley's legs with the car and went on the run, leaving the Kelley with a foot to be amputated.   It's time for black women of all ages to stop ruining the lives of each other.

It is so strange that many black women have no regard for each other and will kill over a man (these days over a woman).    We want to remind you that one of the main reasons why we as black women struggle more than other races of women, is simply because some others do not care about how they bring one another down.   Hatred is a terrible thing among African Americans, because sometimes black people hate their own much worse than the white supremacists. Think about it, many times we see good black men who turn away, simply because there are some very mean black women.  If you think some will go so far to kill or attempt to murder another black woman over a man, this same evil spirit is why many of us are not their preference.  The ugliness among many black women needs to stop.  Some black women mistreat each other and act so evil, we know their fate will be eternal hell. 

Allegedly, Hunter smiled after the judge read off her charges, but nothing was funny, because she could have killed the other woman.   

In the meantime, our prayers are with Hunter's victim, Alise Kelley and we pray for Shaeryll Hunter to repent before it is everlasting too late.  We also pray that there be less men like Chris Chaney who is in the middle and does nothing to prevent harm to the woman he claimed to care about, allegedly. 

Sisters, if you have harrassed another black woman for any reason and do not care how much you hurt her for another person, you need Jesus to come into your life.  If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page, now. 

Watch Video

Pregnant woman accused of pinning pregnant rival with car appears before judge

by Nakia Cooper/ KHOU.com


HOUSTON – Shaeryll Hunter, the pregnant woman who is accused of pinning her pregnant rival with a car during an argument allegedly over a man, walked away and smiled after hearing charges against her read aloud in a Harris County courthouse Monday night.

Hunter, 26, was arrested earlier that day after being on the run since allegedly crushing Alise Kelley's legs with...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: wfaa.com



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