Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrity News: NeNe Leakes Allegedly Says Family is Jealous of Her Fame

Now, we usually do not have anything positive to say about NeNe Leakes, because of her filthy mouth.  However, the latest news about her family members allegedly being jealous of her fame does not surprise us.  It seems like in black families and even in the entire races among us, there is always some sort of jealousy.  This is one of the main reasons, why other races do not respect us as a whole.

What is so strange is, you do not even have to know other blacks for them to be envious of you.  However, it's really bad when your family is jealous of you for any reason.   

Now, although we feel NeNe Leakes is not a classy woman and acts similar to a street woman, allegedly, we do not think it's very nice for her family to be giving her a hard time.   We've all have to struggle before we reach success, no one has it easy, unless they are prostituting themselves or have sold their souls to the Devil and we do not think Leakes has done either one.

NeNe Talks About Bitter Family Members

By Bossip Staff

NeNe Leakes beefed with Phaedra Parks on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show for contacting her estranged sisters to help bring some old skeleton’s out...Read full article, here. 

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