Thursday, April 18, 2013

Black Women, Why was John King Under Fire for Calling Bombing Suspect, Dark-Skinned

For some reason, we're cannot understand why many people are complaining about CNN host, John King referring to the bombing suspect as being 'dark-skinned.'   Let us explain why, simply because there are other races than African Americans who have dark skin.  They may want to deny it, but they do and some have very dark skin and have the audacity to make mockery of dark skinned black people.

Let us realize that some Latinos, Indians, Asians, Iranians and other races are dark people and it is time for African Americans to no longer be treated as the only race having dark pigment.   In are opinion, some of these people bringing John King under fire are very ignorant and they do not even realize this suspect is not even thinking about them.  If they had of been in at the Boston Marathon, they could have been victims like the ones who died and even the ones whom are trying to overcome their injuries.   We question why these people whom are bringing John King under fire are acting as though they are defending this bombing suspect to some degree.  It's strange to think about it, if he was referred to as having 'light skinned,' we wouldn't hear of so many people giving this CNN host a hard time.   This is the prejudice among many people in our nation and what's even worse, they should be so angry at this guy, it should not even bother them whatever John King says about this guy.   This bombing suspect could be responsible for the grievance in this nation.   Black women, many people upset about the 'dark-skin' comment have a lot of soul searching to do.  People are dead, allegedly because of him.   The main thing is that this guy is caught, never mind if he is seen as a dark-skinned man.

Furthermore, John King allegedly said, he was told by a police official, he did not necessarily identify him as a dark-skinned male, that's a fact, what the video. King even apologized before he spoke, so why blame him?

In conclusion, what's wrong with other races being identified as to having dark-skin?

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