Saturday, April 27, 2013

Black Women, Shoplifter steals patrol car, drives over police officer and screamed, 'I'm Not Going Back to Jail!'

black women shoplifter driver over police officer
Demetra Clay acted like she was playing on one of those 1970's Blaxploitation films like in 'Coffee Baby' or 'Foster Friday' when she dragged one police officer and drove the other one over with the patrol car. Clay was able to steal the patrol car, after hopping from the back window over into the front seat, because the officer who arrested her forgot to lock the divider. It's scary to think how many more black women in their 50's are this street smart.

Sisters, it is not a cool thing to act like your so bad at 50 years old or whatever age you are. It's not pretty, it's very ugly. Now, we do not know what type of background Demetra Clay has, but it's never too late for her to straighten out her life. Furthermore, if you noticed, although she was allegedly screaming she was not going back to jail, now she's going anyway and...Read full article, here.



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