Monday, April 1, 2013

Black Women, Powerball winner pays up back child support and welcomes kids in his house

Sisters, how would you feel if the deadbeat father of your children won the lottery and offered for your children to move in?  We suppose many of you would be very happy and possibly would request for him to write you a check for boring his children, right? 

Pedro Quezada won $338 million, but after he won it, he faced Judge Ernest M. Caposela who ordered him to pay $29,490 in unpaid child support for three of his five children with a $30,000 certified check.  However, he claimed $152 million after taxes, but he's still rich.  According to NYDailyNews.comJudge Ernest Caposela warned Quezada that while plenty of people will now come to him with investment deals promising fat returns, family is the best place to put his winnings.
Whomever is Pedro Quezada's children, we know they are having a lot of fun right now with their father.  Also, we hope he's also being very generous to the mother of his kids.  

Powerball winner pays up back child support, invites kids to move on in  

The New Jersey deli clerk turned $338 million Powerball winner settled up years of unpaid child support on Monday and wants to make it up to his kids -- by inviting them to move into his new digs.

"My children are going to be living with me from now on," Pedro Quezada, 44, said through a Spanish language interpreter in Passaic County...Read full articles, here.

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Photo: Bill Denver for NY Daily News


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