Saturday, April 20, 2013

Black Women, NYCHA allows residents of 43 developments to pay new parking fees in installments

We never knew residents whom lived in government owned buildings were ever required to pay a fee for parking.  Tell us, when did this start?  Obviously, it's been going on for sometime.   In our opinion, people whom are living in government housing developments should not have to pay for parking at all, because they are considered low income.
According to, Monica Corbett, president of the Pomonok Residents Association, fought the city Housing Authority’s plans to jack up parking fees there and at 42 other developments citywide and to pay the increase in one lump sum.  If it was not for her consideration, then many tenants across New York would have had to struggle to pay for parking, all at once.    

We need more intelligent and courageous black women like Monica Corbett.  There are too many of our sisters whom sit back and do not even think about fighting against something that is not right.   Many of you need to reevaluate your lives and ask yourselves, 'would you have done what Corbett was strong enough to do?'   

NYCHA allows residents of 43 developments to pay new parking fees in installments 

Outraged motorists at 43 public housing developments are getting a small break from the New York City Housing Authority.

Annual parking fees are slated to skyrocket by some 400% next month, and residents will now be allowed to pay in...Read full article, here.

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Photo: Kathy Kmonicek FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS


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