Friday, April 26, 2013

Black Women, Marine says he paid $30K in child support for daughter who isn`t his

This is the type of nonsense that makes us as black women look bad, some mothers whom allow black men to pay child to support that's not his.   Now whomever this mother is, she ought to be ashamed of herself for not admitting she was wrong.   Her only response for this situation was allegedly Romel Smith has not been in her daughter's life since she was four why come back and do this.   However, our frank response is this, why not admit she was wrong and pay this man back every penny of $30,000? 

It's time for black women to realize some of our sisters are just wrong.  It's wrong to place the responsibility on a man who is not the father of a child.   We have seen too many cases like this on Judge Hatchet's TV show that revealed many black mothers taking black men to court for a DNA test.  When the test came back in most cases, the child did not belong to the man.   Therefore, we pray these black women whom are guilty of lying, to stop doing it, because this could be one of the main reasons why some black men are choosing to date outside of our race and just avoid us all together.  This type of mess may cause some black men to become very bitter, just think about it black women, if you are intelligent to do so.  

Furthermore, this unidentified mother who made Romel Smith pay over $30k in child support chooses to place guilt on him for not being in her daughter's life, when in fact, it would be so much easier and mature to apologize and admit she was wrong.  The sad thing is, she would rather avoid paying Mr. Smith back his money, instead of accepting responsibility for her own actions. 

In the meantime, we will keep Romus Smith and his new wife in our prayers and we wish them both the best.

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Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Marine says he paid $30K in child support for daughter who isn`t his

By Tisha Lewis, FOX 32 News reporter

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Under the current law, a birth certificate is a binding legal document and signing it--even verbal acknowledgement--binds a parent to that child. One man says he learned that the hard way.

For more than a decade, former Marine Romel Smith says he's paid nearly $30,000 in child support for this little girl who's now...Read full article here.

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