Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Black Women, Man Kills Girlfriend Because he thought she was a Taurus

man stabbed girlfriend to death because she was a taurus

Sisters, this Florida man is accused of murdering his girlfriend, after beating her with an X-Box, because he thought she was a Taurus. However, Monica Gooden was born in November and it is very strange Darrius Johnson would kill her even if she was born under that sign. Now, of course we heard of people always cautious of certain people, because they were born under a certain sign, but to kill a person a cruel and insane. Although, we do not believe you should judge anyone by what sign they are born under, but get to know and care about them as an individual.  

Black women, we are living in a very evil day when some people judge others by their Zodiac sign. However, we sincerely feel Darrius Johnson could be psychotic and this really has nothing to do with what sign his deceased girlfriend was born under. The only way he would care about what sign she was born under and to carry out this murder, is if he had been involved with worshiping the Devil. He could be a person who sold his soul to the Devil and was led by demonic forces to take his girlfriend's life. Possibly, he is just insane, because it does not make sense to live with a person and then claim you...Read full article, here.



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