Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Black Women, Jamie Hood, accused cop killer back in courtroom

We really wish we could say since President Obama has been president, a lot of African Americans have changed for the better, but not so.   This alleged cop killer Jamie Hood was charged in the deaths of two police officers.  Now, he's back in court again, showing off as though he's a big time member of an organized gang like a Mafia. As we've said in our introduction black women, many of us dreamed of things changing among our race of people.  However, it seems like we still have a lot of killers showing no remorse for their crimes.  

According to MyFoxAtlanta.com, two of the arresting officers described a conversation they had with Hood inside the patrol vehicle while being transported downtown.  They said that Hood admitted to shooting Christian and Howard.  Was he admitting to it, because he wanted to appear like he was a shrewd killer or did he really do it? If so, this is very sad, many African Americans are saying yes to guns and all sorts of other weapons and not being inspired by President Obama being in the White House.  Jamie Hood ought to had been ashamed to even admit to doing something just to look like he's a tough hoodlum, if that's the case.

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Accused Athens cop killer back in courtroom

By Darryl Carver, FOX 5 reporter

ATHENS, Ga. - Accused cop killer Jamie Hood was back in an Athens courtroom on Tuesday as a judge was asked to consider key motions in the case.

One of the items the judge is to rule on is whether a videotape of Hood's interrogation will be...Read full article, here.


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