Saturday, April 27, 2013

Black Women, Innocent Prisoner trying to get murder charges dropped in taxi driver's death

Laronda Robinson wants murder charges against her dropped and we agree.   For this reason, the deceased taxi cab driver, Karl Green had drugs in his system after he allegedly hit her car and drove off.   Allegedly, she only followed him, because she was trying to contact police, not to cause him to wreck and die as the result of the deadly crash.

Sisters, Laronda Robinson should not be spending time in jail for something she did not do.  After the trial, she and her attorney expected for all charges to be dropped, but instead she is still accused of being a murderer.   According to, "Mr. Green was on cocaine and marijuana at the time of the accident. So he was essentially driving high and crashed his car," Robinson's attorney said.  Therefore, the charges against her is very unfair and hopefully her attorney will be able to take this to a higher court.

Too many black women are serving time in prison for something they did not do.   You would think in the Atlanta area, they would be fair, but they seem to discriminate against women there, allegedly.  It seemed that way to a few of our fellow female journalists when they visited Atlanta.  They witnessed how not only some men, but many women would fight against other black women to defend the men, even when they were wrong.  We journalists of Souls of Black Women come to tell you, that whole culture needs to change there.  For we are very sure there are other women in prison for a crime they did not commit, similar to Robinson's case.

In the meantime, we will keep Laronda Robinson our prayers.

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Woman trying to get murder charges dropped in taxi driver's death

By Tom Jones

JONESBORO, Ga. —A woman
facing murder charges in the death of a taxi driver wants the charges dropped.

Laronda Robinson said new information about what was in the victim's system should cause the...Read full article, here.

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