Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Black Women, Family of murdered Bronx girl angry about killer's release from prison

David Bryant allegedly murdered and raped this 8-year-old girl back in 1975.  Bryant has just been released from prison and Karen Smith's family is very angry about it, according to  However, David Bryant always maintained his innocence. 

For whatever reason, David Bryant's attorney allegedly refused to use DNA evidence.  Now, he has been released after 38 years.   Now, if you go to our source, you will see him wearing a sweatshirt, which reveals these words, 'I didn't do it.'   

Sisters, isn't black on black crime the main reason why our race is yet divided?  It's a shame if David Bryant is guilty.  However, if he is innocent, who murdered this young girl back in the 70's?   

Just think about it, while many black women continue to resent each other, Karen Smith could not even live to see almost 40 years old.   Still to this day, there are many other young black girls getting murdered while some of our black women kill each other with words, evil actions and weapons.   In a way, the alleged killer of Smith and other killers whom continue to take the lives of black girls have plenty of help, the way many of our sisters cause trouble for each other on a daily basis.   This family may want this killer behind bars if he's guilty, but sisters, we have a responsibility to remember this young life, every time there is conflict among us.

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Family of murdered, raped 8-year-old Bronx girl enraged by convicted killer David Bryant's release from prison

The family of a Bronx girl murdered nearly 40 years ago believes the man freed last week belongs back behind bars for the crime — and will push to get him there.

Karen Smith was just 8 years old when she was raped, beaten and stabbed to death in a...Read full article, here. 

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