Friday, April 19, 2013

Black Women, Dunasha Payne Charged with murder, after running boyfriend over with car

It's really sad hearing about Dunasha Payne, 21 charged with murder.  The woman ran her 26-year-old boyfriend over, after the two of them allegedly had a heated argument.   Kaman Drummond ran for blocks before his death, according to police.   We want you to know many of the deaths among African Americans will never decrease, unless our people make a wise decision to completely obey God's commandments. 

According to the, Payne has an arrest in Virginia, and Drummond has arrests for dealing cocaine and turnstile jumping.

One of God's commandments found in Exodus 20:13 says, 'Thou shalt not kill.'  That means no matter how bad someone mistreats and hurts us, murder is never supposed to cross our minds.  You know, a lot of these murders among black people would stop, but there seems to be so much hatred among our race and we are not just speaking of black women, but often times, the same evil that controls some black women to hate seems to also control some black men.  The only way to put a stop to all these conflict is to fully surrender to God.  If not, there is a worse prison than where Shane maybe going for the rest of her life and that place is hell with the Devil and his demons. In the meantime, may Kaman Drummond rest in peace and we are praying for his family.

If any of you sisters desire for Christ to come into your life, please go straight to our Salvation page and fully repent and surrender.  Jesus loves you, but you have to humble yourself and give your whole heart to Him.

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Woman ran boyfriend over: Police

By Rich Bockmann 

A young man from Queens Village was killed earlier this week when his angry girlfriend chased him in her car for several blocks after the two got into an argument before allegedly running him down, police said.

Kaman Drummond, 26, was pronounced dead at the hospital after his girlfriend allegedly slammed her 1994 Honda Accord into him about two blocks away from his home on...Read full article, here.


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