Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Black women did you know 4 of America's most violent neighborhoods are in Detroit?

4 of america's most violent neighborhoods detroit-souls of black women

Sisters, after watching this news report, we discovered that Detroit has 4 of the most violent neighborhoods in the country. If you have read previous studies, you will acknowledge Detroit alone is one of the most dangerous in America. Some of you black women whom reside in Detroit may blame it on the police officers, but in our opinion, if the citizens do not make up their minds to change things, they can only do so much.

Crime is everywhere you go, not just in Detroit. However, it much worse there and the fact that it has four of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the nation proves it to be accurate. To be honest with you, each and every dangerous neighborhood in America could change, it does not have to remain that way, but there are people whom have given up on life and take it out on other people. What's even worse, children get caught in the midst of gun violence and other types of crime and they die early.

We encourage you black women to take matters...Read full article, here.

Photo: MyFoxDetroit.com


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