Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Black Women, 13-year-old girl saves dad's life

Every since Shardae was a young girl, she learned how to do CPR.  She had an advantage over many other children her age, because the course was given to her in elementary school.  If Shardae Simmons would not have learned how to do CPR, her father probably would be dead right now.

 This is an amazing story and should teach many of you a lesson, make sure your child learns CPR when they are very young.

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13-year-old girl saves dad's life

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - A Powder Springs girl is being credited with saving her father's life after he suffered a massive heart attack.  Thanks to CPR training, Shardae Simmonds learned three years ago, she knew what to do when her dad needed her most.

Glen Simmonds told FOX 5 that when his little girl was born 13 years ago, he had no idea she would someday save his life.  Shardae...Read full article, here.


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