Friday, March 29, 2013

Two Pregnant Black Women Fight Over Houston Boyfriend, One woman struck by car: Is he worth it black women?

We want to remind you sisters, no man is so fine, you don't care about another black woman's life.  This is an ancient issue among black women for many generations, many of our sisters have fought over men (or even women these days) and do not care who they hurt.  The love triangle between two women and one man has to stop.  If this new girlfriend of Chris Chaney was a white woman, we bet Shareyll Hunter, 26 wouldn't have rammed her against the wall with a car. 

To be honest, it seems as though many of our sisters are very scared to confront white women with their ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands, but when it comes to black women, they are so quick to violently attack them.   Of course, we would not want this to happen to anyone, but you have to wonder why black women are so quick to attack each other and just deal with other races of women being with their men.  Isn't this what has destroyed our race of women, sisters? 

Twenty-one year old Alise Kelley was visiting her boyfriend from Virginia, Chris Chaney when his ex-girlfriend, Shareyll Hunter stole his car and rammed her up against the wall.  The worst part, both women are carrying Chaney's baby.  Kelly has had both legs injured and one foot has to be amputated.   Sisters, if and when you discover you man (or woman) is with your ex-lover, be strong and mature enough to forget about them and follow Christ.   Don't allow any man to bring you down so much, you don't care about going to jail, killing someone else or even yourself, he's not worth it.

It is time for each and every last one of you sisters to realize, no man is so fine and handsome, you don't care about taking another black woman's life.   It is time for black women to stop this foolishness and start caring about one another sister, regardless if she is sleeping with your ex-man, because if you watch the video at, Chaney seems to keep cracking a smile, a few times.  Isn't this what we see on the Maurey Povich show, from time to time; one black man sitting quiet while two black women fighting and disrespecting one another over him?   Therefore, it is time for black women of all ages to mature and individually decide if they are going to serve God instead of fighting over a man.  Decide if you love Jesus Christ more than any man (or woman), because if not, hell will be your eternal place, after you leave this life.   

This brings us to this point dear sisters, would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?  If you have been like Shareyll Hunter, not caring about what you do and say to another (black) woman, because you are so infatuated with a guy, then this means you love him more than God and you certainly don't respect yourself.  Repent now black woman, because this is one of the main reasons why are sisters cannot get anywhere in life, they idolize the man or woman they have slept with for so many years, instead of serving God.  If this is you, then please rush to our Salvation page, now.  Jesus loves you very much black women and He wants you to love Him more than anyone else or anything.


Pregnant woman accused of ramming car into expectant rival

Reports say a fight between two women pregnant by the same man ended with one seriously injured and the other being sought by officers.

 KHOU reports that Shareyll Hunter, 26, is accused of hitting Alise Kelly, 21, with a car on Thursday. The second woman was pinned against a home in the 9600 block of Ravensworth in southwest Houston. Kelly suffered two broken...Read full article, here.

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