Friday, March 1, 2013

Sisters, Souls of Black Women Has a New Blog!!

Hello black women, we have a new blog now, although it is not perfected. is growing and we welcome you to visit anytime. On our new blog, you will get a chance to comment, only respectively.   However, we welcome you to always visit this 'original' blog, if you desire to read our previous articles that are in perfection.

Remember, Souls of Black Women remains the same: 'Simply, a Black Woman's Guide to Complete Righteousness and a Healthy Way of Living Through Jesus Christ.'  If you are not hungry for God and do not want to hear anything about His Son, Jesus Christ, there are other blogs you may visit.   However, Souls of Black Women is a christian blog, although we deal with deep issues that negatively effect black women, including the black family.

God bless you dear sisters,
The Journalists of Souls of Black Women 

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