Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrity News: India Arie says she did not lighten her skin

The issue of African Americans lightening their skin is so old it's ridiculous.   Even if India Arie did lighten her skin, do you think she would admit it?   Do you recall all the times, the late King of Pop denied he lightened his skin, but allegedly a relative said he took shots to make himself lighter? 

As we said in our introduction, this subject of black folks lightening their skin is very old and if they have learned how to love themselves by now, then there is no need to be concerned about it.  For it is a mental sickness for anyone to hate the way God created them to be.  However, India Arie denies she did anything to change her skin tone and allegedly says it is photography. In our opinion, it's time for black people to avoid the entertainment industry, simply because for too many years, some famous black celebrities have allowed photographers and producers to make them appear light.   Therefore, it's just as bad as changing your pigment.  Why appear lighter than what you really are?    

We know God must shake his head at many African Americans whom will not either stop buying bleaching creme or taking snapshots of themselves appearing lighter than how He created them to be.  No wonder our people are yet oppress, they allegedly place themselves to be talked about, by allowing the entertainment industry create them into appearing European.    

Judgement day already came for a lot of African Americans whom never repented for changing themselves and it's still coming for those whom are yet alive, avoiding to appear dark and beautiful, just the way God created them.    

'I wouldn't endanger my health that way': India.Arie hits back at allegations of lightening her skin on cover of her latest single

By Bianca Carneiro

India.Arie is known for her lyrics praising self-acceptance and beauty.

Her song Video, which launched her to fame in 2001, talks about eschewing societal norms that require women to think they need to look...Read full article, here.
Source and Photo: Mail Online
Photo: Soulbird 


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