Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Women, Mom accused of leaving 4-year-old girl tied to bed for hours

Sisters, this mother, Laketha Moore is accused of allegedly tying her little girl to the bed for hours without anything to eat or drink.  Black women, we want to encourage you to love your children.  We don't care how bitter you maybe at their father, they are not to blame for how he may have mistreated you.  So many times, there are some black women who mistreat their children, because they resemble their father, but let us remind you that God gave you those children, not that man you slept with.

Now, honestly we don't know why Laketha Moore would allegedly abuse her 4-year-old daughter, but really there is no excuse.  She was so cold to tell her neighbor the little girl was in another state with her mother when she asked about her, that's nothing but hatred. 

Now the little girl is going to be alright, now that her mother is in jail.  However, black women we cannot help but wonder what would have happened to this little girl, if it was not for one neighbor hearing a whole bunch of noise, then calling police.  The poor child would have eventually died, but God was in control.

Mom accused of leaving 4-year-old girl tied to bed for hours

By Don Guevara

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- Police arrested a North Las Vegas mother because they say she left her four-year-old daughter tied to a bed.

Laketha Moore, age 36, is in the Clark County Detention Center. Police arrested her Tuesday on 31 counts of...Read full article, here.

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