Monday, March 25, 2013

Black Women, Kimani Gray's mother grieved after seeing teen in coffin at Brooklyn wake

Black women, this is a very sad story, Carol Gray the mother of the teen, Kimani Gray who was gunned down by New York police could not control herself after seeing her son dead in a coffin.  Sisters, this type of trauma has been going on for years, many parents experience much grievance while attending their child's funeral.  The saddest thing is, many African Americans are yet divided while our people yet fight for justice.

Time and time again, we read headlines of young people and even our elders dying before their time, but our race still has not yet learned to love and care for each other.   It seems the more we celebrate diversity, the more our people hate each other while some racist police officers continue shoot to kill for no reason.   Of course, it is very sad to hear Carol Gray could not stand to see her son in a casket, but these sad funerals will not stop as we continue to live in the 21st century.   There is a serious issue, if we are still dealing with the same tragedies as we dealt with in the 20th century. 

Kimani Gray had his whole life ahead of him, but he is not the first and so sad to admit, he will not be the last to be shot and killed by police.  What is the answer black women?  Of course, the answer is Jesus Christ.   He is the only One who can make black people accept and admit the truth, that we have killed each other just as much as many white supremacists and it's not just through drugs and violence, it's also the way many of our people behave toward each other.  Although we have a black (bi-racial) president many of our people fail to listen to each other.   We will continue to get angry at all of these fatal incidents, if we fail to listen, love, respect and care for each other.  If we continue to ignore the emotional pains of our own people, what type of justice do you think we will receive in return from other races, although we are now in a diverse nation? 

May Kimani Gray rest in peace and we are sincerely praying for his dear mother, Carol.

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Kimani Gray's mother let her emotions fly after seeing 16-year-old son in coffin at Brooklyn wake

Overcome with grief, the mother of Kimani Gray tried to rush her son’s open casket at a somber wake for the slain teenager Friday.

Carol Gray was unable to contain her emotions as she saw her child lying motionless inside a coffin dressed in a...Read full article, here.

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