Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Black Women, Donations for Billy Ray Harris, Kansas City, Mo., homeless man almost $180K, 71 days left! Please donate, now!

This is wonderful for the homeless man who turned in the diamond and platinum engagement ring, there has been almost $180k raised for him.  However, there are 71 more days left for anyone else to send a donation.   Could you imagine, Billy Ray Harris has probably been homeless for many years?  

He deserves for someone to be kind to him, since he was honest enough to turn in the engagement ring. If you have some saved up cash black women, could you please send Billy Ray Harris a donation?   It would be nice for us to be a blessing to such an honest man who was definitely a blessing to a couple who lost this valuable ring.  God bless you, Souls of Black Women readers.

Donations for Billy Ray Harris, Kansas City, Mo., homeless man who returned diamond and platinum engagement ring, approach 180K — and campaign has 71 days left!  

A homeless man's sterling character has led him to a pot of gold.

Billy Ray Harris, who weeks ago was sleeping on the streets in Kansas City, Mo., is set to receive nearly $180,000 from donors as a reward for returning a diamond engagement ring to a woman who mistakenly dropped it in...Read full article, here.

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