Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Women, Did Lizzie Mae Collier-Sweet's husband kill her? Lizzie's Skull Found by Hunter

Lizzie was married to this white man named Roger Sweet who was allegedly accused of killing his first wife (white woman) but it was ruled an accident.  Lizzie disappeared, then her home caught a fire after no one could find her. Now this guy has been in prison for something else, but now may stand trial for the murder of his wife, because he never cooperated with police.   This is a very sad story, but you must remember sisters, many of you black women must not just accept any man in your life either out of desperation, loneliness or revenge against the black man. Although, we do not know why Lizzie chose to marry this very unattractive man.

Sisters, now we are living in a time when some black women are marrying outside their race, but still being very mistreated. Let us first forewarn you that evil has no color.  Yes, there are many black men denying us of a relationship, they won't even look at us, but you must be picky, don't be so quick to be with another race, just because they seem to treat you nice at first.  Serve God and allow a good and righteous man to choose you. That's one of the biggest problems of some black women today.  They don't talk about it, but we must make it known here at Souls of Black Women that many of you sisters need to allow God to send you the right man and stop dating outside your race either to get revenge against black men because they flaunt their various races of women or just out of loneliness.  Sisters, it was never God's will to allow any white, Latino, Asian or even our own kind to murder us as their wives.   However, each and every last black woman must serve God and patiently wait on Him until He sends you the right man. You must learn to test the spirit as our Word tells us in I John 4:1.  Roger Sweet is probably responsible for his deceased wife's death and we sincerely hope he now cooperates with investigators.   It's our gut feeling, he murdered Lizzie, including his first wife.

May Lizzie Sweet rest in peace.

Now before you watch this video, we want to ask you, do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.  If not, you need Him to be the ruler of your life, because if you don't allow Him to guide your life, you will make your own decisions as to what man you choose to marry.   God wants you to be married to Him first, black women.  Now, we are not judging Lizzie, but for the rest of you, you must serve God and not be followers of many black women whom date outside their race as though they have found their Savior.  The only Savior is Jesus Christ.  If this is you, please rush to our Salvation page, now.  Jesus Christ love you more than any race of a man, because He gave His life for you, dear sisters.

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