Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black Women, Detroit Police Officer accused of running a crime ring

detroit police officer running crime ring3

Although Officer Clifton Whatley's two nephews have admitted to police he was the ring leader in a series of robberies, he denies he had anything to do with crime. This police officer is accused of running a crime ring that involved holding cashiers at gunpoint at various check cashing places, including a Dollar Tree store. Sisters, if we cannot trust our police officers to not be criminals themselves, then how can we depend on them to catch criminals?
You see black women, this is one of the main problems across our nation, there are too many police officers breaking the law while they catch criminals. It's sort of like the old cliche, 'the blind cannot lead the blind.' The saddest thing about Detroit, specifically is, it's not just crooked politicians whom have messed up the city, but also some of their police officers whom live double lives while appearing to be honest police officers.

detroit police officer running crime ring

According to, Officer Whatley was not just a cop...Read full article, here.


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